Women's Spring Football League
SportWomen's American football
No. of teams12
Most recent champion(s)New Jersey Titans (11-woman), West Virginia Wildfire (8-woman)

The Women's Spring Football League is a full-contact Women's American football league that began exhibition play in 2010 and a full regular season in 2011. It is one of three full-contact, 11-on-11 football leagues for women, along with the Independent Women's Football League and the Women's Football Alliance, and the newest of the three. The league is unique in that it has two divisions: one being an 11-woman division and the other being an 8-woman division.


The Women's Spring Football league was founded in 2009, and played in 2010, but there was no actual champion. In 2011, the Baltimore Burn, who played in the Women's Football Alliance in 2010 and moved to the WSFL, won the 11-woman division title and the Cape Fear Thunder won the 8-woman division title thus becoming the WSFL's first champions. In 2012 the New Jersey Titans won the 11-woman division and the West Virginia Wildfire won the 8-woman division. It was announced on October 5, 2012, that the Mox-E Channel will be broadcasting WSFL games. It is the first channel to ever air games from the league.[1]


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