Wisconsin Wolfpack
Founded 2008
Folded 2010 - Ceased operations September 8, 2010
History New York-New Jersey Revolution 2006-2007
New Jersey Revolution 2008-2010
League CIFL (2009-2010)
AIFA (2010)
Based in
Colors Midnight Blue, Vegas Gold, Cardinal Red, White


Championships 0
Titles 0
Head Coach Jordan Kopac
Dancers Wild Things
Mascot Alpha

The Wisconsin Wolfpack was an American football franchise based in Wisconsin. The Wolfpack name and brand was been used for two teams: An indoor football team in the Continental Indoor Football League and a traditional (outdoor) football team in the Mid Continental Football League.

The indoor and outdoor teams were both coached by Jordan Kopac, wore the same uniforms and shared players, staff and a website. However, they were operated by different owners and were considered separate entities prior to the end of the 2010 indoor season.[1]

The indoor team played its home games at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin in its inaugural season of 2009, but moved to the Hartmeyer Arena for the 2010 season.[2] The outdoor team was somewhat nomadic throughout its history with regards to where it played its home games, such as in 2010, when no two regular-season home games were played in the same city.[3] However, outdoor games were generally played in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

Outdoor WolfpackEdit

Outdoor Wisconsin Wolfpack
Year founded
Year folded
League/Conference affiliations
  • North American Football League (2008)
    • Northern Conference, Great Lakes Region, Dells Division (2008)
  • Mid Continental Football League (2009–2010)
    • North Division (2009)
Mid-States Tournament Champions: 2010
Home fields

The Wisconsin Wolfpack franchise was formed in 2008. The ownership groups of two teams in the Ironman Football League, the Franklin Outlaws led by Dustin Reynolds and Wisconsin Bulldogs, led by Mark Koch, decided to merge the two franchises and move the new team into the North American Football League. Jordan Kopac, longtime member of the Racine Raiders' coaching staff, was originally brought on as the defensive coordinator but later bought an ownership stake in the team and also took on the role of head coach. After the inagural outdoor season, Kopac became the sole owner of the franchise.

In 2008, Wolfpack finished with an 8-2-1 regular-season record, highlighted by a win for Kopac against the Raiders in front of a large crowd in Racine. The Wolfpack qualified for the NAFL Playoffs and defeated the 2007 NAFL champion Kane County Eagles in the first round before falling to the eventual 2008 NAFL champion Indianapolis Tornados in the second round. Six Wolfpack players were voted First Team All-Northern Conference, there were QB Brian Ryczkowski, WR Jim Leszcyznski, RB JoJo Moore, DL - James Washington, LB - Darrell Jack DL- Travis Fallon

In 2009, the introduction of the indoor Wolfpack team prompted a move to the Mid Continental Football League to lessen the schedule overlap with the end of the Continental Indoor Football League season for players and staff involved with both teams. The Wolfpack finished 3-5 and failed to qualify for the playoffs.

While the indoor team achieved its greatest success in 2010, it did not carry over to the outdoor team's regular season. The Wolfpack finished 2010 with a record of 1-6 in the MCFL and again failed to make the league playoffs.[4] However, the Wolfpack finished the season by entering and winning the 2010 Mid-States Tournament, run by National Football Events. The Wolfpack's final outdoor game was the 2011 National Football Events Florida Bowl, which it lost to the Orlando Rage in a collaborative effort with the Burlington Blue Devils, 51-13.[5]

The downfall of the outdoor teams in 2009 and 2010 seemed to be the lack of cohesivness from the indoor staff and players. Very Few crossed over to the outdoor team which caused their roster to vary greatly from week to week. Also the two main coaches outside of Kopac from the 2008 Outdoor team, Dave Mogensen and Pete Kishline never came back to the outdoor team after following them indoors.

Season-By-Season Edit

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties

Season W L T Finish Playoff results
2008 8 2 1 NAFL: 2nd, Dells Won Round 1 (Kane County)
Lost Round 2 (Indianapolis)
2009 3 5 0 MCFL: 3rd, North
2010 1 6 0 MCFL: T-7th Mid-States Tournament
Won Round 1 (Chicago Falcons)
Won Round 2 (Michigan Gators)
NFE Florida Bowl
Lost (Orlando Rage)
Totals 15 15 1 (including playoffs)

Indoor WolfpackEdit

CIFL Wisconsin Wolfpack
Year Founded
Year Folded
25px Madison, Wisconsin
League/Conference affiliations
League titles
Home arenas
Veterans Memorial Coliseum (2009)
Hartmeyer Arena (2010)

Prior to the Wolfpack franchise's 2008 outdoor campaign, the Milwaukee Bonecrushers of the Continental Indoor Football League approached the Wolfpack coaches and staff and asked them to assist with the completion of their 2008 season following Gilbert Brown's decision to resign as head coach and the resulting resignation of most of the Bonecrushers' staff. Kopac assumed the role of general manager for the Bonecrushers, and brought with him the core coaches of the Wolfpack outdoor team that would later become the core of the Wolfpack indoor team.[6] Kopac led the team to its only win, a 51-46 victory of the Muskegon Thunder.

With infrastructure already in place from the outdoor team, and following the previous year's experience with the Bonecrushers, Wolfpack management announced in early 2009 it would field both indoor and outdoor teams that year. To start the indoor team, Kopac coordinated with Lowe Entertainment, owners of the Rock River Raptors, also in the CIFL, to have Lowe run the indoor franchise while retaining Kopac as head coach. The Wolfpack were Madison's second indoor football franchise and the first to call Madison home since the Madison Mad Dogs folded in 2001.

The Wolfpack played its inaugural season's home games at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the campus of the Alliant Energy Center and used AstroTurf previously belonging to the Pensacola Barracudas of AF2. In its inagural season, the team finished 7-5 and qualified for the CIFL Playoffs, The team started 5-1 but struggled late in the season after former UW-Platteville quarterback Tom Stetzer was lost to injury.[7] The Wolfpack would fall to the eventual undefeated CIFL champion Chicago Slaughter in the 2009 CIFL Western Conference Championship Game, 63-19.[8]

Wolfpack Uniform

Wisconsin Wolfpack team uniforms

For 2010, the Wolfpack chose to move its home games to the Hartmeyer Arena on the northeast side of Madison.[9] 2010 also saw the team stock its roster with more players from the nearby Wisconsin Badgers football program. Joining defensive lineman Kurt Ware and linebacker James Kamoku from the 2009 Wolfpack would be tight end Andy Crooks,[7] safety Josh Nettles,[7] defensive lineman Ricky Garner and, following a season-ending injury to quarterback Brian Ryczkowski, Matt Schabert.[10] Under Schabert's guidance, the Wolfpack had its most successful season to date, indoor or outdoor, finishing the regular season 8-2 and becoming the only team to defeat the then-undefeated Cincinnati Commandos.[11] The Wolfpack would win its first-ever home playoff game, beating the Fort Wayne FireHawks, 25-24,[12] before falling to the Commandos in the 2010 CIFL Championship Game, 54-40, in Cincinnati.[13]

The indoor Wolfpack had a dance team, the Pepsi Max Wild Things,[14] numerous in-game promotions during home games and live streaming play-by-play of all games via the team's website and the CIFL Radio Network. Most indoor games were broadcast by Don Wadewitz. Both the indoor and outdoor teams utilized former Bulldogs' owner Mark Koch's D-Line Productions video production company to produce "Wolfpack TV", a highlight and interview show, for fans to view via the team's website and on YouTube following each home game and selected road games. The show was hosted by the indoor team's public address announcer, Dan Pfeifer.[15]

Season-By-Season Edit

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties

Season W L T Finish Playoff results
2009 7 5 0 2nd, Western Lost Western Division Championship (Chicago)
2010 8 2 0 2nd Won Semifinals (Fort Wayne)
Lost Championship (Cincinnati)
Totals 16 9 0 (including playoffs)

* = Current Standing

Season SchedulesEdit


Date Opponent Home/Away Result
March 7 Rock River Raptors Away Won, 40-38
March 21 Chicago Slaughter Home Lost, 36-40
March 28 Milwaukee Bonecrushers Away Won, 36-20
April 4 Rock River Raptors Home Won, 50-23
April 10 Fort Wayne Freedom Home Won, 38-34
April 25 Rock River Raptors Away Lost, 21-25
May 2 Milwaukee Bonecrushers Home Won, 69-26
May 9 Marion Mayhem Home Lost, 19-59
May 16 Chicago Slaughter Away Lost, 22-67
May 23 Miami Valley Silverbacks Home Won, 53-30
May 30 Chicago Slaughter Home Lost, 14-49
June 6 Wheeling Wildcats Away Won, 49-46
June 20 Chicago Slaughter (Western Division Championship) Away Lost, 19-63


Date Opponent Home/Away Result
April 3 Miami Valley Silverbacks Home Won, 38-32
April 10 Cincinnati Commandos Away Lost, 26-48
April 16 Fort Wayne Firehawks Away Win, 49-0
April 24 Marion Mayhem Home Won, 34-20
May 1 Fort Wayne Firehawks Home Won, 33-32
May 8 Chicago Cardinals Away Won, 44-18
May 15 Miami Valley Silverbacks Home Lost, 18-22
May 22 Chicago Cardinals Home Won, 58-20
May 29 Cincinnati Commandos Home Won, 45-21
June 5 Marion Mayhem Away Won, 2-0
June 19 Fort Wayne Firehawks (CIFL Playoffs) Home Won, 25-24
June 25 Cincinnati Commandos (2010 CIFL Championship Game) Away Lost, 40-54

Alumni Edit

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Racine Raiders Merger Edit

After much speculation, the Racine Journal Times reported on December 9, 2010 that Jordan Kopac would return to coaching the Racine Raiders in 2011.[16] It was subsequently announced that Wolfpack indoor operations were being suspended for 2011, while outdoor operations were merging with the Raiders'.[1]

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