Wayland Minot
Date of birth: October 23, 1889
Place of birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Date of death: November 20, 1957
Place of death: Belmont, Massachusetts
Career information
Position(s): Halfback
College: Harvard University

Wayland Manning Minot (October 23, 1889 – November 20, 1957) was an American football player. He played college football at Harvard University and was selected as a consensus All-American at the center position in 1909.[1]

Minot was married in 1913 to Anna Marie Shaughnessy. They had five children, Ruth (born 1914), Wayland, Jr. (born 1915), Anna (born 1918), Elizabeth (born 1922), and Herbert (born 1925).[2] In the late 1920s, he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and served as Parks Commissioner.[3] In 1930, Cambridge Mayor Richard M. Russell to serve as City Treasurer, but his nomination was rejected by the City Council.[4][5] Minot later became an investment counselor in Boston, Massachusetts.[6]

In January 1933, Minot was involved in a late night accident resulting in the death of one of his passengers. He crashed into a draw bridge of the Charles River Dam Bridge, and the vehicle burned. Minot was placed under arrest and charged with manslaughter.[7][8] Although a police officer testified that the smell of liquor was on Minot's breath, he did not believe Minot was under the influence, and Minot was found not guilty of manslaughter.[9][10][11]

Minot died in November 1957 at his home in Belmont, Massachusetts.[6]


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