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ComicList Previews: THE DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE #5 (OF 5) - Charles LePage - 2022/01/27 21:10

THE MURDERER IS REVEALED! The Marvel Universe stands at the brink of destruction. The Three Mothers and their master, the Peregrine Child, are about to claim victory. And Strange’s murderer is having…...

ComicList Previews: FIREFLY #36 - Charles LePage - 2022/01/27 20:33

With the Alliance onslaught defeated, Kaylee faces the grim choices… and sacrifices involved in saving the Earth That Was. Which of the crew will follow their Captain, ready to make peace with… The po...

ComicList Previews: THOR #21 - Charles LePage - 2022/01/27 20:11

“GOD OF HAMMERS” PART 3 of 5 Thor has been beaten down, and the God of Hammers is about to make the final blow! Is this the end of the All-Father? Prophecies… The post ComicList Previews: THOR #21 app...

The future is not bright in BEYOND DOOMSDAY: ILLUSTRATED TALES OF THE APOCALYPSE - Charles LePage - 2022/01/27 18:38

Asylum Press will publish BEYOND DOOMSDAY: ILLUSTRATED TALES OF THE APOCALYPSE, a science fiction anthology that features twisted tales of post-Armageddon terror. The press release follows: Media Rele...

ComicList Previews: IRON MAN #16 - Charles LePage - 2022/01/27 16:16

IRON MAN’S COSMIC TRANSFORMATION CONTINUES! The Iron God arrives back on Earth, intent on making his homeworld a better place for all. Finally, Tony Stark has the power to realize all of… The post Com...

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