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A promotion and new hires announced by BOOM! Studios - Charles LePage - 2022/01/19 01:28

BOOM! Studios has announced one promotion and two new hires. The press release follows: Media Release — BOOM! Studios announced today that it has promoted and hired several key employees in the… The p...

Mike Schimmel promoted to Vice President Of Sales at Diamond - Charles LePage - 2022/01/19 01:19

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced the promotion of Mike Schimmel to Vice President of Sales. The press release follows: Media Release — Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD), the largest distributor...

SPIDER-MAN VARIANT COVERS arrive just in time for a 60th anniversary - Charles LePage - 2022/01/19 01:04

This April, you will celebrate SPIDER-MAN’s 60th anniversary with SPIDER-MAN VARIANT COVERS. The press release follows: Media Release — This year marks the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, and the enti...

Answers will be demanded in April’s ETERNALS #11 - Charles LePage - 2022/01/19 00:37

Kieron Gillen and Guiu Villanova are going to pit the Eternals against the Avengers this April in ETERNALS #11. The press release follows: Media Release — Over the last year, writer Kieron… The post A...

Take a trip with Sandman to the NIGHTMARE COUNTRY - Charles LePage - 2022/01/18 23:56

James Tynion IV will write the new Sandman series, THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE: NIGHTMARE COUNTRY, starting this April. The press release follows: Media Release — DC is inviting Sandman fans to face their… T...

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