Tulane University
Marching Band
File:TUMB logo.png
SchoolTulane University
LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana
DirectorBarry Spanier
Assistant directorMark Lighthiser
Fight songThe Olive and the Blue
Tulane Fight Song
UniformHalf green, half blue jackets
Interlocking TU logo on R chest
Green pants
Green & white shakos with white & silver plumes
White gloves & shoes

The Tulane University Marching Band (TUMB) is the marching band of Tulane University. It performs at every Tulane Green Wave football home game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, bowl games, and some away games. It is also marches in New Orleans Mardi Gras parades each year, having appeared in Le Krewe d'Etat, the Krewe of Thoth, the Krewe of Bacchus, and the Krewe of Rex, among others.


  • The band was formed in 1920 as a military band under the direction of Dr. Frederick Hard.[1]
  • Maynard J. Klein became director in 1936.[1]
  • John J. Morrissey became the director for 30 years beginning in 1938.[1]
  • The colorguard was first introduced in 1938.
  • The band was dissolved in the mid-1970s, shortly after the closure of Tulane Stadium.[2]
  • The band began its revival in 2004 with the help of SoundWave, the student-run pep band.[3]
  • In response to student and alumni interest, the university administration hired Barry Spanier in 2004.[4] The current uniform design was adopted.
  • As a result of Hurricane Katrina, the band's planned debut in the fall of 2005 was postponed.[5]
  • The band formally debuted in the Krewe of Alla Mardi Gras parade in 2006.[5]
  • The TUMB Mardi Gras doubloon was introduced in 2007.[6]



File:TUMB Pregame.jpg
  • Barry Spanier, Director
  • Mark Lighthiser, Assistant Director
  • Mendel Lee, Percussion Instructor
  • Ashley Iserman, Shockwave Director/Choreographer
  • Patricia McWhorter-Broussard, Program Coordinator
  • Zak James and Alex Tir, Drum Majors



The TUMB mostly marches silver Yamaha brass instruments to maintain a consistent look and sound. The drumline also uses Yamaha battery and front ensemble equipment and are endorsed by Innovative Percussion Mallets and Sticks and Evans drumheads.[8]





The guard debuted in 2006 with retro uniforms based on archived designs and pictures. In 2009, it introduced a new design more in line with modern guard units, accordingly moving toward incorporation of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary modern dance. It performs predominately with flags, rifles, and sabres in pregame and halftime shows, as well as Mardi Gras parades and a Spring stage production. Unlike many university guards, the Tulane guard accepts both male and female members.[9]


The dance team became an official part of the TUMB in 2009. Aside from performing at home and away football games, the team performs at Tulane basketball, volleyball, and baseball games, as well as Mardi Gras parades with the TUMB and various community events. Shockwave is coached by Ashley Iserman.[10][7]

Student benefitsEdit

Members of the TUMB receive credit both semesters - in the fall for football season and in the spring for Mardi Gras parades. Incoming freshmen who audition have the opportunity to be awarded scholarships that renew as long as they are members in good standing. Upperclassmen are eligible for an award each semester after they have received four credits in any TUMB-related course(s).[11]


Tailgate performancesEdit

After its field time in the Superdome, the TUMB marches to the tailgating area to perform for the crowd before visiting the Tulane Athletics Fund (TAF) lounge and playing some part of the day's show for the fans there.


During the pregame show for the 2009-2010 season, the front ensemble became the cymbal line and marched with the rest of the band for a more traditional effect. Led by the Green Wave Brass Band, a New Orleans brass band composed of TUMB members, the full band second lined onto the field. The drumline began a cadence, during which the band yelled, "Roll, Wave, Roll" before playing "When the Saints Go Marching In." This moved directly into "Roll On, Tulane," at the end of which the band ran into a crested wave, and then began to play the Tulane Fight Song while forming the Tulane "Slanted T." Shockwave and the cheer squad entered the field to lead fans in "The Hullabaloo."

The current pre-game show begins with a short video on the Superdome jumbotron highlighting the band in various Mardi Gras parades with a drum cadence in the background. During this video, the drumline marches onto the field in time with the cadence on screen until it ends with a recording of the band members shouting "TUMBA!" (the band's rallying cheer formed from the organization's acronym and which is shouted at the end of every practice) On the field, the band is called to attention by whistle command from the drum major(s), to which they respond "Wave!" and proceed to march onto the field in files in a highly choreographed run. The band then starts playing with the official "Tulane Pre-Game Fanfare," after which they play excerpts of "When the Saints Go Marching In," "Roll On, Tulane," "The Hullabaloo," and the "Tulane Fight Song," during which the band marches into the signature "Slanted T" formation. This is followed usually by the playing of an arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, and then the band marches toward the endzone to await the playing of the fight song once more for the entrance of the football team onto the field.


The TUMB performs a halftime show at every home game and any away games at which the full band is present. The band generally performs 2-3 shows a season, depending on scheduling, and themes can vary widely.

Band campEdit

As with most marching bands, the TUMB holds a two-week band camp at the beginning of each academic year to give the band a head start on learning the pre-game show and halftime shows for each season. The camp runs from 8 AM to 8 PM each day and usually involves visual blocks in the morning and evening with a music block in the afternoon. The guard, drumline, Shockwave, and student leadership arrive for camp a few days before other members.[12]


The Tulane University Marching Band Alumni Association was formed in 2009 with the efforts of recent graduates. Its main focus is keeping alumni informed and organized, while providing support to the TUMB. It also organizes the alumni band that joins the TUMB in the stands and at halftime during each homecoming game.[13]

Friends of the BandEdit

The Friends of the Band is administered through the Tulane Fund, under the direction of Jeff Bush. It provides many forms of support, including an annual jambalaya dinner during band camp.[14]


The pep band plays at all basketball and some volleyball games in Fogelman Arena. Established in 1992 as a student organization, it became the impetus for the revival of the TUMB in 2005, performing at various athletic events and parades. It has since returned to its original form as a pep band and continues to function as a student organization separate from the TUMB. SoundWave's alumni are organized as the SoundWave Alumni & Booster Organization (SWABO) and provide additional support to the organization.[3][15]

Green Wave Brass BandEdit

The Green Wave Brass Band (GWB) formed in 2009 under the management of Mark Lighthiser[16] as the TUMB's own take on the traditional New Orleans brass band Though still evolving, the band's style generally emulates the raw street funk of such local groups as Rebirth Brass Band. It is a small-scale ensemble usually composed of 1-2 trumpets, 1-2 saxophones, and 1-2 trombones, a tuba, and a drummer (with bass and snare drums), though these positions rotate from a pool of members who come largely from the TUMB. The band performs around the Superdome during the 3rd quarter of Tulane football games for fans and employees alike. The band regularly performs at public and private events around New Orleans, including bars, conventions, charity benefits, and a brief TV appearance in the opening of the Tulane-themed college week episode of CNBC's Mad Money in 2011.[17] [18]

Additional AppearancesEdit


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