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Official fight song: "The Olive and the Blue"(aka "Roll On, Tulane")

Here's a song for the Olive and the Blue
Here's a cheer for the team that's tried and true,
Here's a pledge of loyalty to thee,
Oh, Tulane Varsity,
Here's to the Greenbacks that never will say die
And here's to the hearts that are true,
To the men of Tulane, who are fighting for her name
For the Olive and the Blue.

Roll, Green Wave, roll them down the field!
Hold, Green Wave, that line must never yield!
When those Greenbacks charge through the line,
They're bound for Victory,
Hail Green Wave, for you we give a cheer.
Hail Green Wave, for you we have no fear,
So ev'ry man on ev'ry play,
And then we'll win the game today,
Hurrah for Old Tulane.

Tulane fight song

Green Wave Green Wave,
Hats off to Thee.
We're out to
Fight Fight Fight
For our Victory.
Shout to the Skies
Our Green Wave War Cries.
The Bravest we'll Defy.
Hold that Line for
Olive and Blue.
We will Cheer for You.
So Fight, Fight, Old Tulane
Fight on to Victory.

Official cheer: "The Hullabaloo"

A One, A Two,
A Helluva Hullabaloo
A Hullabaloo - Ray Ray
A Hullabaloo - Ray Ray
Hooray Hooray
Varsa Varsa Tee Ay
Tee Ay, Tee Ay
Varsa Varsa Tee Ay

Tulane Historic Drinking Song

Drink, drink, drink, drink
Drink, drink, drink, drink,
Drink... to Ole, Tu - lane.
Gather 'round, gather 'round,
Drink it down, drink it down.
Drink a cup and sing a song of cheer,
Raise your glasses high,
And drink them dry.
Drink, be merry while the gang's all here.
And we'll drink, drink, drink, drink,
A toast, to the team.
Fighting for the Olive and the Blue.
Scream and yell, LIKE HELL,
And the game will tell,
The victory of Tulane U.

Tulane Alma Mater

We praise thee for thy past, O Alma Mater!
Thy hand hath done its work full faithfully.
The incense of thy spirit has ascended
And filled America from sea to sea!
Olive Green and Blue! We love thee!
Pledge we now our fealty true
Where the trees are ever greenest,
Where the skies are purest blue.
Hear us now, O Tulane, hear us,
As we proudly sing to thee!
Take from us our hearts’ devotion,
Thine we are and thine shall be!

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The TUMB performs each pregame and halftime