“The Autumn Wind” is a sports-themed poem written by former NFL Films President and co-founder Steve Sabol (son of founder Ed Sabol) describing the atmosphere autumn weather, as it relates to pro football season. It is synonymous with, and the unofficial team anthem of the NFL's Oakland Raiders,[1][2] and is often heard blaring out of the soundspeakers at Raider games.[3][4] Narrated by John Facenda,[5] this 1974 production has been dubbed "The Battle Hymn of the Raider Nation."[6]

The poem was first used for the team's official team yearbook film in 1974, of the same title. Legend has it that when Raider owner and managing general partner Al Davis first heard "The Autumn Wind" song for the first time, he remained silent for a second before telling then NFL Films President Ed Sabol that he loved it, and that "it epitomized everything that the Raiders stood for" . It has been used on numerous official NFL Films audio album soundtracks, most notably The Power & The Glory LP featuring Facenda narrating over both it. as well as numerous other Sam Spence-composed and conducted NFL Films Orchestra musical tracks.


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