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Hand: Right
Passing style: Over
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Playing stats at
Playing stats at
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John Smith
Nickname(s) Jonno
Date of birth: (1981-01-15) January 15, 1981 (age 39)
Place of birth: City
Date of death: Error: Death date (first date) must not be in the future
Place of death: City
Career information
Status: Active
CFL status: Import
Position(s): QB/HB/FB/WR/TE
Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
College: Wikipedia
High school: Wikipedia High School
AFL Entry: 2008
AFL Draft: 1966 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Drafted by: Wikipedians
CFL Draft: 2008 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Drafted by: Wikipedians
Common Draft: 1967 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Drafted by: Wikipedians
Expansion Draft: 2002 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Drafted by: Wikipedians
NFL Draft: 2008 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Supplemental Draft: 2008 / Round: 4 / Pick: 100
Drafted by: Wikipedians
Hand: Right
Passing style: Over
 As administrator:
2008 Team
 As coach:
2008 Team
 As player:
2008 Team
Career highlights and awards
  • 2008 League MVP
Career stats
TD-INT     273-139
Yards     40,551
QB Rating     92.3
Comp-Att     3,409-5,391
%     63.2
GP-GS     192-164
Playing stats at
Playing stats at
Playing stats at
Canadian Football Hall of Fame, 2008
College Football Hall of Fame, 2008
Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2008


{{Infobox Gridiron football person

All parameters

{{Infobox Gridiron football person
|Name                 =
|full_name            =
|nickname             =
|team                 =
|Image                =
|ImageWidth           =
|alt                  =
|Caption              =
|status               =
|import               =
|position1            =
|position2            =
|position3            =
|position4            =
|position5            =
|DateOfBirth          =
|Birthplace           =
|DateOfDeath          =
|Deathplace           =
|number               =
|College              =
|CIS                  =
|amateur_title        =
|amateur_team         =
|high_school          =
|Height_ft            =
|Height_in            =
|Weight_lbs           =
|hand                 =
|pass_style           =
|AFLRookieYear        =
|AFLDraftedYear       =
|AFLDraftedRound      =
|AFLDraftedPick       =
|AFLDraftedTeam       =
|CFLDraftedYear       =
|CFLDraftedRound      =
|CFLDraftedPick       =
|CFLDraftedTeam       =
|CommonDraftedYear    =
|CommonDraftedRound   =
|CommonDraftedPick    =
|CommonDraftedTeam    =
|ExpDraftedYear       =
|ExpDraftedRound      =
|ExpDraftedPick       =
|ExpDraftedTeam       =
|NFLDraftedYear       =
|NFLDraftedRound      =
|NFLDraftedPick       =
|NFLSuppDraftedYear   =
|NFLSuppDraftedRound  =
|NFLSuppDraftedPick   =
|NFLDraftedTeam       =
|other_title          =
|other_years          =
|other_teams          =
|administrating_years =
|administrating_teams =
|coaching_years       =
|coaching_teams       =
|playing_years        =
|playing_teams        =
|career_highlights    =
|AFLAllStar           =
|CFLAllStar           =
|ProBowls             =
|Awards               =
|Honors               =
|Honours              =
|Retired #s           =
|Records              =
|statlabel1           =
|statvalue1           =
|statlabel2           =
|statvalue2           =
|statlabel3           =
|statvalue3           =
|statlabel4           =
|statvalue4           =
|statlabel5           =
|statvalue5           =
|statlabel6           =
|statvalue6           =
|AFL                  =
|ArenaFan             =
|CFL                  =
|NFL                  =
|CoachPFR             =
|CFHOF                =
|CFHOFYear            =
|CollegeHOF           =
|CollegeHOFYear       =
|PFHOF                =
|PFHOFYear            =
<!--Military service-->
|allegiance           =
|branch               =
|serviceyears         =
|rank                 =
|unit                 =
|battles              =
|awards               =
|military_blank1      =
|military_data1       =
|military_blank2      =
|military_data2       =
|military_blank3      =
|military_data3       =
|military_blank4      =
|military_data4       =
|military_blank5      =
|military_data5       =

Mandatory parameters

These fields will be shown regardless of whether a value is given

  • Name – name of player, PAGENAME used if no value given

Optional parameters

These fields will not be shown if the parameter is omitted or if no value is given

  • nickname -
  • team - currently signed team, defines header colours for infobox use no wiki-markups
  • Image - Image name, without File: namespace nor wiki-markups
  • ImageWidth - Image width in pixels
  • alt - Alt text to describe image, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT.
  • Caption - caption for Image
  • Status – Whether the person is active or not. Some options are Active or Not Active
  • import – for CFL players only: Import: yes, Non-Import: no; leave blank if n/a
  • Position - deprecated, will only display if no position# below given
  • position1, position2, position3, position4, & position5 – Add the position without brackets, automatically wikilinked and abbreviated
  • number – player current jersey number
  • College - US college team
  • CIS - Canadian university
  • amateur_title - heading for non-college play (e.g. CJFL); amateur_team
  • DateOfBirth - if living, you may use {{Birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd}}
  • DateOfDeath - you may use {{Death date and age|ydyd|md|dd|ybyb|mb|db}}
  • AFLRookieYear - Arena Football League entry year
  • AFLDraftedYear, AFLDraftedRound, AFLDraftedPick, AFLDraftedTeam - American Football League Draft
  • CFLDraftedYear, CFLDraftedRound, CFLDraftedPick, CFLDraftedTeam - Canadian Football League Draft
  • NFLDraftedYear, NFLDraftedRound, NFLDraftedPick, NFLDraftedTeam - National Football League Draft
  • administrating_teams, coaching_teams, playing_teams – a chronological list of teams separated by <br />
  • administrating_years, coaching_years, playing_years – a list of year ranges corresponding to the listed teams, separated by <br />
  • other_teams, other_years - chronological list of other football-related roles
    • other_title - heading for Organizations as {{{other_title}}}
  • career_highlights – list of achievements ordered by a *
  • AFLAllStar - years selected as American Football League All-Star
  • CFLAllStar - years selected as Canadian Football League All-Star or All-Canadian
  • ProBowls - years selected for the NFL All-Star game
  • External link for statistics.
    • AFL – player identification from
      • ArenaFan - player identification from, not displayed if AFL is used
    • CFL – player identification from
    • NFL – player identification from
  • CFHOF - player page identification from Canadian Football Hall of Fame, include everything after "page/" in the url
  • CollegeHOF player identification from College Football Hall of Fame website, empty otherwise
  • PFHOF – player identification from Pro Football Hall of Fame website, empty otherwise
    • PFHOFYear – year player was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, empty otherwise
Military service

If the player served notably in the military, you may include the following parameters:

  • allegiance – the country or other power the person served. Multiple countries may be indicated together with the corresponding dates. This field should not be used to indicate a particular service branch, which is better indicated by the branch field (below).
  • branch – the service branch (Army, Navy, etc.) the person was a part of; this should be left blank for people who were not part of a formal armed service, or who predate the establishment of formal service branches.
  • serviceyears – the years during which the person served.
  • rank – the highest rank achieved by the person. Unusual cases, such as this rank not being the last achieved, or the rank being awarded posthumously, may be noted. In cases where the person held different ranks in different armies, multiple ranks should be specified with a date and country note for each.
  • unit – for persons who are not notable as commanding officers, the unit (company, battalion, regiment, etc.) in which they served. This should be omitted if the commands are specified (as above).
  • battles – any notable battles or wars in which the person participated. This should be omitted if a campaignbox is used in conjunction with this template.
  • awards – any notable military awards or decorations the person received.
  • military_data1, military_data2, military_data3, military_data4, military_data5 – extra blank parameters
  • military_blank1, military_blank2, military_blank3, military_blank4, military_blank5 – labels for military_data


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