Stuart Field
LocationWest Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.
OpenedApril 16, 1892
OwnerPurdue University
OperatorPurdue University
Purdue Boilermakers football (1892–1924)
Template:Cbsb link (1892–1939)[1]

Stuart Field was a stadium at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States. It was the home field of the Purdue Boilermakers football team from 1892 until 1924 when Ross–Ade Stadium opened.[2] Purdue's baseball team continued to play at Stuart Field until 1939. The Elliott Hall of Music is located at Stuart Field's former site.[1]

The field was dedicated on April 16, 1892,[3] and named for Charles B. and William V. Stuart, two brothers who served on the university's board of trustees.[4] Originally a seven-acre[4] (2.8 ha) field with eight hundred seats,[3] by the 1910s it was expanded to twice that area[4] and a seating capacity of five thousand.[5] Stuart Field was also used for special events, including a biplane demonstration on June 13, 1911, which attracted seventeen thousand spectators.[5]


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