St. John Arena is a 4,200-seat multipurpose arena located in Steubenville, Ohio (USA). It is used for indoor soccer, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and other sports, plus conventions, trade shows, and concerts.

The arena floor measures 16,290 square feet (1,513 m2), 181 by 90 feet (55 by 27 m), while the lobby measures 4,425 square feet (411 m2), 177 by 25 feet (54 by 8 m). There is a 2,210 square feet (205 m2), 65 by 34 feet (20 by 10 m) meeting room at the arena, and several tractor trailers can be accommodated at the rear of the arena, thanks to access through a 12 by 11 feet (4 by 3 m) garage door at the arena's loading bay.

When used for concerts, the arena can seat up to 5,400, and as a basketball arena it seats 5,200.

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