Shelby Blues
Founded 1900
Folded 1928
Based in Shelby, Ohio, United States
League Ohio League (1902 - 1919)
Independent (1926 - 1928)
Team History Shelby Blues (1905 - 1928)
Team Colors Blue, White
Head coaches Peggy Parratt (1910 - 1911)
Ohio League
(2) 1910, 1911

The Shelby Blues were an American football team based in Shelby, Ohio. The team played in the Ohio League from 1900 to 1919. In 1920, when the Ohio League became the APFA (now known as the National Football League), the Blues did not join but continued to play against APFA teams, only to later suspend operations. The Blues returned to play as an independent between 1926 and 1928.

The team was named for their blue uniforms, that were worn in their first year. In 1905, the Blues replaced the Shelby Athletic Club as the top football team in town. A year later the team was the runner-up for the Ohio League title, behind only the Akron Indians. The Blues won Ohio League championships in 1910 and 1911, with Peggy Parratt, an early pioneer and master of the forward pass, at quarterback. In 1904, the Blues are credited with signing the first black players in American professional football, halfback Charles Follis.[1]


Year W L T Finish Coach League
1900 Ohio
1901 Ohio
1902 Ohio
1903 Ohio
1904 Ohio
1905 Ohio
1906 Ohio
1907 Ohio
1908 Ohio
1909 Ohio
1910 Ohio
1911 Ohio
1912 Ohio
1913 Ohio
1914 Ohio
1915 Ohio
1916 Ohio
1917 Ohio
1918 Ohio
1919 Ohio
1920 Ohio
1921 Independent
1922 Independent
1923 Independent
1924 Independent
1925 Independent
1926 Independent


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