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Senior Bowl
2008 Senior Bowl.jpg
Stadium Ladd Peebles Stadium
Location Mobile, Alabama
Previous stadiums Gator Bowl Stadium (1950)
Previous locations Jacksonville, Florida (1950)
Operated 1950–present
Delchamps (1996–2001)
Food World (2002–2006)
Under Armour (2007–2011)
Nike (2012–present)
2011 matchup
North vs. South (South 24–10)
2012 matchup
North vs. South (North 23–13)

The Senior Bowl is a post-season college football all-star game played in Mobile, Alabama which showcases the best NFL Draft prospects of those collegiate players who have completed their eligibility. First played in 1950 in Jacksonville, Florida, the game moved to Mobile's Ladd Peebles Stadium the next year. Produced by the non-profit Mobile Arts & Sports Association, the game is also a charitable fund-raiser benefiting various local and regional organizations with over US$5.9 million in donations over its history.

Beginning in 2007, the telecast of the game moved to the NFL Network from ESPN, and added Under Armour as their title sponsor.


Two teams, representing the North and the South, are coached by select coaching staff from two NFL teams.

The week-long practice that precedes the game is attended by key NFL personnel (including coaches, general managers, and scouts), who oversee the players as possible prospects for pro football. At one point the Senior Bowl was the first chance its participants had to openly receive pay for participation in an athletic event. This was one reason that participation was limited to seniors whose eligibility for further participation in collegiate football had expired, and the game was also their first exposure to the slightly different professional rules. Players who wished to participate in collegiate spring sports had to avoid participation in the Senior Bowl. The significance of all of this has waned in recent years as there has been some lessening of the former strict separation of professional and amateur athletes.

Its scheduling has varied even though since 1967 it has been traditionally set for the week before the NFL's Super Bowl (which itself is now played in February). It is usually established as the final game of the season, but for a period during the 1980s and 1990s, it was the next-to-the-last game (followed the following week by either the Hula Bowl or the now dormant Gridiron Classic). The 2008 Senior Bowl was played as the college football season's penultimate game on January 26, followed by the Texas vs. The Nation Game February 1. The 2010 game was played on January 30.

The single-season record for number of players sent to the Senior Bowl from one school is ten players by Alabama in 1987, followed by nine players sent by Auburn in 1988 and Southern California in 2008.[1]

Game results

  • Winning team in bold
  • Tie game denoted in italics
Year Winning team Losing team North team coach South team coach Notes
1950 South 22 North 13 Bo McMillin, Detroit Lions Steve Owen, New York Giants
1951 South 19 North 18 Bo McMillin, Detroit Lions Steve Owen, New York Giants
1952 North 20 South 6 Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns Steve Owen, New York Giants
1953 North 28 South 13 Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns Steve Owen, New York Giants
1954 North 20 South 14 Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns Steve Owen, New York Giants
1955 South 12 North 6 Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns Steve Owen, New York Giants
1956 South 12 North 2 Buddy Parker, Detroit Lions Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns
1957 South 21 North 7 Joe Kuharich, Washington Redskins Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns
1958 North 15 South 13 Joe Kuharich, Washington Redskins Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns
1959 South 21 North 12 Joe Kuharich, Washington Redskins Paul Brown, Cleveland Browns
1960 North 26 South 7 Jim Lee Howell, New York Giants Weeb Ewbank, Baltimore Colts
1961 South 33 North 26 Jim Lee Howell, New York Giants Weeb Ewbank, Baltimore Colts
1962 South 42 North 7 Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys Weeb Ewbank, Baltimore Colts
1963 South 33 North 27 Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys Weeb Ewbank, Baltimore Colts
1964 South 28 North 21 George Wilson, Detroit Lions Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys
1965 North 7, South 7 George Wilson, Detroit Lions Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys
1966 South 27 North 18 Mike Holovak, Boston Patriots Weeb Ewbank, New York Jets
1967 North 35 South 13 Norm Van Brocklin, Atlanta Falcons Otto Graham, Washington Redskins
1968 South 34 North 21 Mike Holovak, Boston Patriots Hank Stram, Kansas City Chiefs
1969 North 27 South 16 Allie Sherman, New York Giants Charley Winner, St. Louis Cardinals
1970 North 37, South 37 Lou Saban, Denver Broncos Don Shula, Baltimore Colts
1971 North 31 South 13 Lou Saban, Denver Broncos Weeb Ewbank, New York Jets
1972 South 26 North 21 Alex Webster, New York Giants J. D. Roberts, New Orleans Saints
1973 South 33 North 30 Lou Saban, Buffalo Bills Weeb Ewbank, New York Jets
1974 North 16 South 13 Mike McCormack, Philadelphia Eagles Don McCafferty, Detroit Lions
1975 North 17, South 17 John Ralston, Denver Broncos Dick Nolan, San Francisco 49ers
1976 North 42 South 35 Chuck Fairbanks, New England Patriots Jack Pardee, Chicago Bears
1977 North 27 South 24 Forrest Gregg, Cleveland Browns Don Shula, Miami Dolphins
1978 North 17 South 14 Don Coryell, St. Louis Cardinals Leeman Bennett, Atlanta Falcons
1979 South 41 North 21 Walt Michaels, New York Jets Dick Nolan, New Orleans Saints
1980 North 57 South 3 Bud Grant, Minnesota Vikings Ray Perkins, New York Giants
1981 North 23 South 10 Bill Walsh, San Francisco 49ers Red Miller, Denver Broncos
1982 South 27 North 10 Marv Levy, Kansas City Chiefs Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh Steelers
1983 North 14 South 6 Frank Kush, Baltimore Colts Bum Phillips, New Orleans Saints
1984 South 21 North 20 Kay Stephenson, Buffalo Bills Don Coryell, San Diego Chargers
1985 South 23 North 7 Jim Hanifan, St. Louis Cardinals Forrest Gregg, Green Bay Packers
1986 North 31 South 17 Dan Reeves, Denver Broncos Leeman Bennett, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1987 South 42 North 38 John Robinson, Los Angeles Rams Don Shula, Miami Dolphins
1988 North 21 South 7 Chuck Knox, Seattle Seahawks Jim Mora, New Orleans Saints
1989 South 13 North 12 Dan Reeves, Denver Broncos John Robinson, Los Angeles Rams
1990 North 41 South 0 Marty Schottenheimer, Kansas City Chiefs Buddy Ryan, Philadelphia Eagles
1991 AFC 38 NFC 28 AFC: Marty Schottenheimer, Kansas City Chiefs NFC: Jim Mora, New Orleans Saints
1992 AFC 13 NFC 10 AFC: Art Shell, Los Angeles Raiders NFC: Mike Ditka, Chicago Bears
1993 NFC 21 AFC 6 AFC: Ted Marchibroda, Indianapolis Colts NFC: Bill Belichick, Cleveland Browns
1994 South 35 North 32 Rich Kotite, Philadelphia Eagles Don Shula, Miami Dolphins
1995 South 14 North 7 Dan Reeves, New York Giants Ted Marchibroda, Indianapolis Colts
1996 North 25 South 10 Dennis Erickson, Seattle Seahawks Dave Wannstedt, Chicago Bears
1997 North 35 South 14 Norv Turner, Washington Redskins Marty Schottenheimer, Kansas City Chiefs
1998 South 31 North 8 Ted Marchibroda, Baltimore Ravens Norv Turner, Washington Redskins
1999 South 31 North 21 Jon Gruden, Oakland Raiders Tony Dungy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2000 North 24 South 21 George Seifert, Carolina Panthers Gunther Cunningham, Kansas City Chiefs
2001 South 21 North 16 Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Sherman, Green Bay Packers
2002 South 41 North 26 Mike Holmgren, Seattle Seahawks Dave McGinnis, Arizona Cardinals
2003 North 17 South 0 Dom Capers, Houston Texans Marty Mornhinweg, Detroit Lions
2004 South 28 North 10 Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals Marty Schottenheimer, San Diego Chargers
2005 North 23 South 13 Norv Turner, Oakland Raiders Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2006 North 31 South 14 Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans Mike Nolan, San Francisco 49ers
2007 North 27 South 0 Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Nolan, San Francisco 49ers notes
2008 South 17 North 16 Lane Kiffin, Oakland Raiders Mike Nolan, San Francisco 49ers notes
2009 South 35 North 18 Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars notes
2010 North 31 South 13 Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins notes
2011 South 24 North 10 Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills notes
2012 North 23 South 13 Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins notes
2013 South 21 North 16 Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions notes
  • All-time series: South (29–26–3); AFC (2–1)
  • From 1991 to 1993 the two teams were designated "AFC" and "NFC" to distinguish where their coaching staffs were from and to stress the professional nature of the game. This was confusing to some, as the game occurred well before the NFL draft and there was no way of determining which conference the players were actually going to wind up in to start their professional careers. In 1994 this was dropped and the designations were reverted to the traditional "North vs. South" format.
  • The first game in 1950 was played in Jacksonville, Florida. All subsequent games have been played in Mobile, Alabama.

Game MVPs

Year Name College
1950 Travis Tidwell Auburn
1951 Bucky Curtis Vanderbilt
1952 Al Dorow Michigan State
1953 Harry Agganis Boston University
1954 Gene Filipski Villanova
1955 Bobby Freeman Auburn
1956 Don Goss SMU
1957 Don Bosseler Miami (FL)
1958 Jim Taylor LSU
1959 Theron Sapp
Norm Odyniec
Notre Dame
1960 Jacky Lee Cincinnati
1961 Dick Norman Stanford
1962 Earl Gros
Ronnie Bull
1963 Glynn Griffing Ole Miss
1964 Ode Burrell Mississippi State
1965 Steve DeLong Tennessee
1966 Howard Twilley Tulsa
1967 Bubba Smith Michigan State
1968 Kim Hammond Florida State
1969 Jerry Levias SMU
1970 Terry Bradshaw Louisiana Tech
1971 J. D. Hill Arizona State
1972 Pat Sullivan Auburn
1973 Chuck Foreman Miami (FL)
1974 Bill Kollar Montana State
1975 Steve Bartkowski California
1976 Craig Penrose San Diego State
1977 Tommy Kramer Rice
1978 James Lofton Stanford
1979 Willie Jones Florida State
1980 Marc Wilson Brigham Young
Year Name College
1981 Neil Lomax Portland State
1982 John Fourcade
Steve Clark
Ole Miss
1983 Dan Marino
Terry Kinard
1984 Walter Lewis
Doug Smith
1985 Paul Ott Carruth Alabama
1986 Napoleon McCallum Navy
1987 Don Smith Mississippi State
1988 Thurman Thomas Oklahoma State
1989 Cleveland Gary Miami (FL)
1990 Blair Thomas Penn State
1991 Alvin Harper Tennessee
1992 Tony Smith Southern Miss
1993 Eric Hunter Purdue
1994 Stan White Auburn
1995 Derrick Brooks Florida State
1996 Bobby Hoying Ohio State
1997 Pat Barnes California
1998 Dameyune Craig Auburn
1999 Cade McNown UCLA
2000 Chad Pennington Marshall
2001 LaDainian Tomlinson TCU
2002 Antwaan Randle El Indiana
2003 Larry Johnson Penn State
2004 Philip Rivers NC State
2005 Charlie Frye Akron
2006 Sinorice Moss Miami (FL)
2007 Tony Hunt Penn State
2008 Matt Forte Tulane
2009 Pat White West Virginia
2010 Brandon Graham Michigan
2011 Christian Ponder Florida State
2012 Isaiah Pead Cincinnati
2013 EJ Manuel Florida State

50th Anniversary Senior Bowl All-Time Team

The following team was selected by fan voting:[2]


Senior Bowl Hall of Fame

Established in 1987, the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame seeks to pay tribute to the many outstanding former Senior Bowl players who have made lasting contributions to the game of football. The Senior Bowl Hall of Fame also allows enshrinement to former coaches, administrators and other individuals whose efforts helped the Senior Bowl.

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