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Section 3 is one of the eleven sections of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA). The section covers Central New York and, like the other sections of the NYSPHSAA, is further divided into leagues. Each school is also given a class (i.e. AA, A, B...) based on the size of the school. Schools compete with their leagues mostly, but also compete with other schools throughout the season, especially towards the end of a season during championship time.


Section 3 comprises seven leagues, some of which are even further broken down into smaller groups. The following is the list of leagues with their member schools in order of size, from largest to smallest, based on the number of schools in the league.[1][2]

Onondaga High School LeagueEdit

The OHSL divides itself into three conferences based mostly on the size of the school. It is not exact however because of reclassifications. The Freedom Conference comprises Class A Schools, the Liberty Conference comprises Class B Schools, and the Patriot Conference comprises Class C and D Schools.[3]

Freedom ConferenceEdit

Liberty ConferenceEdit

Patriot ConferenceEdit

Center State ConferenceEdit

The Center State Conference is broken up into four divisions.[4]

Division IEdit

Division IIEdit

Division IIIEdit

Division IVEdit


Frontier is divided into four divisions.

A DivisionEdit

B DivisionEdit

C DivisionEdit

D DivisionEdit


The CNYCL is broken into two sections.




Central CountiesEdit



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