Section 2 is one of the eleven sections of the NYSPHSAA. It is made up of high schools from around New York's Capital Region.[1] The schools in the section compete with each other in athletic competition. Schools often compete with other schools outside of the section in tournaments or invitationals such as a cross country invitational in the fall or even sometimes during the regular season, depending on the sport. The section is further divided into leagues based on mostly location but also the size of the school. The schools in the section compete with each other over the course of three seasons, fall, winter, and spring. Depending on the season, different sports take place.

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The section is made up of 9 leagues mostly based on location but also based on size to ensure fair competition. Schools mostly compete with the other schools in their league but will sometimes compete with schools outside of it. This usually happens during the championship season when teams are competing for the section or state title. The following is the list of leagues with their member schools.

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