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 San Francisco Gold Rush
General Information
Team San Francisco 49ers
Established 1979
Members 32

Captains: Carmen, Rachel, Melissa and Kelsie

  • Niner Nuggets (1946-1970)
  • San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders (1979-Present)
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The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders is the cheerleading team for the NFL's San Francisco 49ers.

The current team was founded in 1983 by USA which has been renamed to e2k. [1] They have performed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. They're also very involved in many charitable events.[2] They have been featured on many television stations, such as ESPN, the Total Football Network, and the Fox Network in addition to many television shows, such as Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Extra!, and The Leeza Show. They attend every home game and have a total of 32 professional dancers. Each squad has 8 professional dancers. The four squad leaders make $100.00 a game and the other 28 dancers make $50.00 per game.

At Kezar Stadium the cheerleaders were called The Niner Nuggets. They were known at the time as the only singing cheerleading squad in the NFL.[3]

Notable members

  • Teri Hatcher, (1984), actress
  • Bonnie-Jill Laflin, (1994-1996), model, actress, television personality
  • Ashley Clay, (2008-2009), wife of Ryan Cochrane
  • Julie Durda, meteorologist of WSVN and contestant on The Bachelor Season 5
  • Angela King-Twitero, author of The Business of Professional Cheerleading,[4] and dance costume designer (eight NFL Cheerleading teams wear her designs)[5] Angela transitioned from cheerleader to director of the Gold Rush Cheerleaders, and lead the team from 1992-1997. She also was the founding co-director of the NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders from 1992-1997.


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