Saadia Ashraf is an American football coach, and former quarterback of Team Canada and the Montreal Blitz.[1] She has a bachelor of education degree in physical education from McGill University, and currently teaches at Lindsay Place High School.[2]

Playing career[edit | edit source]

While in high school Ashraf was banned from contact sports by her mother, so she played touch football.[3] In her early twenties she joined the Montreal Blitz as a quarterback, and in 2004 bought the team when the original owners wanted to sell. In 2010 she played in the first ever IFAF Women's Worlds in Sweden, winning a silver medal. In 2012 she won the Independent Women's Football League world championship with the Montreal Blitz. In 2013 she again quarterbacked Team Canada to a silver medal at the IFAF Women World's, this time in Finland.[4]

Coaching career[edit | edit source]

Ashraf has coached several different women's football teams. She is the quarterback coach for both Team Canada and the Montreal Blitz.[5] She is also the head coach of the flag football team at John Abbott College.[6]

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