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Roy Williams may refer to:


  • Roy Williams (athlete) (born 1934), New Zealand athlete
  • Roy Williams (Canadian basketball) (born 1927), 1952 Summer Olympics Canadian team member
  • Roy Williams (coach) (born 1950), University of North Carolina men's basketball head coach and former University of Kansas men's basketball head coach
  • Roy Williams (footballer) (1932–2011), Southampton and Hereford United footballer
  • Roy Williams (safety) (born 1980), American football safety
  • Roy Williams (wide receiver) (born 1981), American football wide receiver
  • Roy Williams (cricketer) (born 1931), former English cricketer


  • Roy Williams (artist) (1907–1976), Disney story man / gag man and in the 1950s, The Mickey Mouse Club's "Big Mooseketeer"
  • Roy Williams (playwright) (born 1968), contemporary British playwright
  • Roy Williams (Scouting) (born 1944), Boy Scouts of America director
  • Roy H. Williams (author), American author
  • Roy Lee Williams (1915–1989), Teamsters labor union president
  • Roy T. Williams (1883–1946), Church of the Nazarene superintendent
  • Roy Williams Airport, an airport in Joshua Tree, California