Relay Ball

Relay Ball in DeKalb, Junction, New York

 Relayball the game is a form of football and ultimate frisbee combined. Everyone has to touch the ball and then shoot it in the lacorsse goal, or basketball net which everone you have the game was created by Zane Gardner from De Kalb Junction, New York and had two seasons of Relayball it's a form of Touch football (American). The game is played one on one mostly Relayball has been played in De Kalb Junction, New York, North Carolina, & Virgina. The game came from South Africa and was brought to the United States.

Rules  Depending on the skills of the player, the player starts with a face off and try to score a goal any forward pass is illiegal must be a lateral pass as in Rubgy the fouls are contact, traveling, & charging, and the player must take a free throw on top the foul line in the three point line if committed any fouls. The game is usually played around 3 periods 10 minutes each period.

  • Relayball is generally played at any age and is mostly played Recreation purpouses vary little organization is played in Relayball 


It can use lacrosse goals and or basketball nets.


There was a League created in 2018 and 2019 of Relay Ball which has had its success.

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