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◦The RAFL was founded in 2006 and its first season was 2007 ◦The league was created do to unstable league conditions on the East Coast ◦The RAFL is governed by the President, Commissioner, Board Members and the league senate ◦The league runs under a democratic system where all rule changes and new members are voted on ◦The league leverages buying power on vendors to receive discounts on all items ◦The RAFL is a Minor League Football league which plays Adult Amateur Football ◦Players do not get paid therefore they still retain college eligibility ◦The RAFL plays under the NFL rules


◦In 2007 the Prince William Monarchs became the first RAFL champions by defeating the New York Predators. Both teams went undefeated during the regular season. The PW Monarchs also were ranked #1 nationally and the Predators #13. The Monarchs went on to defeat the Preds again ion the Metrobowl championship and then defeated the Brooklyn Mariners in the national championship game

◦In 2008 the Prince William Monarchs were defeated by the Brooklyn Mariners 20 - 0 at Memorial Stadium in PA. Both teams had a hard fought road to the championship game as the Monarchs had to play the tough Warriors and Nemesis and the Mariners went on the road to defeat the 8 -1-1 NE Knights, the 9 - 2 Wolves and 12 - 0 Predators. The Mariners went on to lose in the Harvest bowl but the PW Monarchs ended up in the national championship game after their metrobowl victory. The Monarchs lost the chip game to the Albany Metromallers 

◦In 2009 the New Jersey Buccaneers won the RAFL championship over the Virginia Kings 52-30. The Bucc's then went on to win the Metrobowl title and the national championship. On their way to the championships the Bucc's defeated the Demon Knights, NY Predators, Brooklyn Mariners, NY Bandits, NY Rebels and finally the Lowell Nor'easter for the National chip. In three seasons an RAFL member team has played in the national championship game.

2010 RAFL TeamsEdit

Delaware Bison

Brooklyn BlackHawks

Brooklyn Blue Devils

Hudson County Bounty Hunters

Carolina Crusaders

Carolina Knights

Carolina Golden Knights

Carolina Rampage

Philladelphia Braves

New Jersey Buccaneers

Philadelphia Gators

Prince William Monarchs

New York Predators

Maryland Renegades

Virginia Thunder

Virginia Vipers

Washington Warriors

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