Racine Raiders
LeagueCSFL (1953, 1962-1975)
BSFL (1954-1959)
TSFL (1960-1961)
NSFL (1978-1981, 1983-1985)
AFA (1982)
MWFL (1986-1990, 1992-1994)
Independent (1991)
MCFL (1995-2002)
NAFL (2003-2009)
MSFL (2010)
Elite MCFL (2011 - present)[citation needed]
Team historyRacine Raiders (1953-1975)
North Shore Gladiators (1978)
Racine Gladiators (1979-1985)
Racine Raiders (1986-present)
StadiumHorlick Athletic Field
Based inRacine, Wisconsin
Team colorsBlack, Silver, Original Cardinal Red
PresidentMatthew C. Snyder
Head coachWilbert Kennedy
Championships7 (1981, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1995, 2001,2012)
DancersRaiders Dance and Stunt Team
MascotRJ Raider

The Racine Raiders American football club is a MidStates Football League team based in Racine, Wisconsin. Founded in 1953, they are the oldest Minor League Football team in Wisconsin (United States) that is still in existence. The team joined the MSFL for the 2010 season.


The Raiders were the first minor league football team to gain 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Organization is composed entirely of Volunteers.

Helmet Design: Silver background with a cowboy bandit in black with a half and half bandanna of cardinal and black on a white circular background in a triple circular outline of silver, cardinal and black

President: Bob Milkie

VP - GM: Bob Marcado

Head Coach: Jordan Kopac

Franchise historyEdit


Wigs Konicek, a local restaurateur at the time, started the Racine Raiders in 1953. The team began in the Bi-States Football League (BSFL) and won their first league championship in 1954.

The team was able to sustain itself until 1975 when it disbanded. Athough the did not field a team for the 1976 and 1977 season, they remained organized for those seasons. New owners started the Racine Gladiators in 1978. They paid players and were successful on the field, winning three National Championships. Unfortunately, the team fell on hard times and disbanded in 1985.

In 1986, Bob Milkie, a retired bearing company executive, Joe Mooney, a police sergeant, Jess Levin, a local banker, and others rebuilt the team, this time as community-owned, non-profit organization.

Perhaps the biggest moment in the team's history, as well as that of minor league football, came in 1989 when the team traveled to Ottawa, Canada, to play in a World Championship game. While the team won the game in five degree weather and a blizzard, just playing the game was the important element. The team was now able to apply for, and received, 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit status from the Internal Revenue Service, setting the tone for dozens of minor league football teams since to be able to do the same.

The Raiders have won seven National Championships and have had nearly a dozen players with National Football League (NFL) experience. They also have 26 players, coaches or staff in the American Football Association (AFA) Hall of Fame, more than any other team.

2010 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
June 26 McHenry County Pirates Home W, 20-18
July 3 Stallions of Country Club Hills Home W, 34-0
July 10 Roscoe Rush Away L, 29-37
July 17 Leyden Lions Home W, 19-17
July 24 Chicago Thunder Away W, 28-19
July 31 Chicago Mustangs Away L, 5-14
August 7 Kilbourn City Hawks Home W, 58-0
August 14 Northern Illinois Cowboys Away W, 51-10
August 21 Racine Threat Home W, 41-38
August 28 Lincoln-Way Patriots Home

American Football Association (AFA) Minor League Football Hall of FameEdit

1982 Harry Gilbert Coach Category
1987 Bob Milkie Player Category
1988 Kurt Kampendahl Player Category
1988 Ed O'Reilly Coach Category
1989 Greg Johnson Player Category
1990 Charlie Bliss Player Category
1994 Norm Killion Coach Category
1996 Ron Hart Player Category
1997 Tom Kohr Coach Category
1999 Arnie Garber Coach Category
1999 Joe Mooney Executive Category
2000 John Scardina Player Category
2001 Phil Micech Player Category
2002 Tony Lombardo Player Category
2003 Jordan Kopac Coach Category
2003 Dennis Galipo Player Category
2004 Brian Forston Player Category
2004 Brian Erickson Player Category
2005 Ron Anton Player Category
2005 Terry Converse Coach Category
2005 Gary Kuykendall Player Category
2005 Mike Willkomm Player Category
2006 Dan Dragan Player Category
2006 Gary Suhr Media Category
2007 Chris Pivovar Coach Category
2007 Scott Smith Player Category
2010 Greg Fictum Player Category
2010 Jerry Kupper Coach Category

Minor League Football News Hall of FameEdit

2007 Brian Forston
2007 Peter Deates
2007 Jordan Kopac

Retired numbersEdit

10 Jim May Quarterback 1964-1965
11 Charlie Bliss Quarterback 1980-1989, 1992
23 Tony Lombardo Running Back 1962-1966
51 Bob Milkie Center 1957-1971
53 L. Fred Vondra Center 1979-1985
55 Wilbert Kennedy Defensive Tackle 1988-2009
74 Kurt Kampendahl Defensive Tackle 1982-1993
75 Ron Hart Defensive Tackle 1964-1975
82 Ron Anton Tight End 1964-1973
83 Phil Micech Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Tight End 1985-1995, 2001

Players that played in the NFLEdit

Tony Lombardo, Philadelphia Eagles (1964)
Tim Rucks, New York Jets (1983) [1]
Ron Daugherty, Minnesota Vikings (1987)
Phil Micech, Minnesota Vikings (1987)
Brett Wilson, Minnesota Vikings (1987)
Matt Turk, Washington Redskins (1995-99), Miami Dolphins (2000-01, 2003-05), New York Jets (2002), St. Louis Rams (2006), Houston Texans (2007-present)
Brent Moss, St. Louis Rams (1995)

Head coachesEdit

1953 Don Perkins (1-2-2)
1953 Les Kalchik (1-6-0)
1954-1962 Frank Schinkowitch (46-47-5)
1963 Jim Haluska (2-8-0)
1964-1967, 1982 Harry Gilbert (44-9-2)
1968-1969 Jim Thompson (11-12-0)
1970-1972 Bruno Wojtaszek (15-24-0)
1973-1974 Warren Greco (16-9-0)
1975, 1979 Larry Benjamin (15-12)
1980-81, 1986-90, 1997-2000 Bob Milkie (137-29-0)
1983-1984 Pete Bock (32-3-0)
1985 Rich McClure (9-7-0)
1991-1994 Terry Converse (49-3-0)
1995-1996 Kurt Kampendahl (29-4-0)
2002-2004 Gregg Brenner (36-10-0)
2001, 2005-2007, 2011 Jordan Kopac (49-16-0)
2008-2010 John Mamerow (17-10-0)

Current coaching staffEdit

Head CoachEdit

  • Gino Perfetto
- Head Coach

Offensive CoachesEdit

Defensive CoachesEdit

Special Teams CoachesEdit

  • Vacant - Special Teams Coordinator

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