The Quebec Rugby Football Union (QRFU) was a football league consisting of teams from Quebec and formed in 1883. Eastern Ontario teams like Ottawa AAA and Ottawa College joined in 1894.

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Formed officially on January 16, 1883, 10 days after the Ontario Rugby Football League. Teams from the QRFU would compete against member clubs of the ORFU for the “Dominion Championship” of the CRFU beginning the following season. The QRFU adopted the ORFU point-scoring system in 1884 with the formation of the Canadian Rugby Football Union. With Montreal claiming the first ever CFRU Championship 30 – 0 over the Toronto Argonauts.

Teams of the QRFU Played 15 men aside, and did not adopt a down system until 1904, when it agreed that a team must make five yards on its third scrimmage to keep possession of the ball.


Scoring valued Goal from the Field (field goal) as 6 points, a Try (touchdown), Goals from a Try, Penalties and Free Kicks as 4 points; 2 points for Safety Touches; and one point for Kicks to the Deadline, Rouges and Touch in Goals.


  • McGill University
  • Montreal Football Club
  • Britania Football Club
  • Victoria Football Club
  • Bishop’s College
  • Quebec City
  • Ottawa City Football Club,1894 (suspended in 1897 for excessive rough play)
  • Ottawa College, 1894

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