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The Quebec Junior Football League (QJFL) operated from 1970 to the present, as a successor to the Quebec Juvenile Football League. It began competition as a conference of the Canadian Junior Football League from which it eventually withdrew. Upon withdrawal from the CJFL, the QJFL incorporated teams from the Ottawa, Ontario region and created the league as it stands today. In one form or another, the QJFL can trace its roots back to 1908. Annually the League awards the regular season champions the Cyril F. White Trophy, and the playoff champions the Manson Cup.

Teams (as of the 2010 season)

  • Ottawa Junior Riders
  • Cumberland Panthers
  • Châteauguay Raiders
  • Laval Devils
  • South Shore Monarx
  • St-Lazare Jr Stallions

Manson Cup Champions

2010 - Ottawa Junior Riders

2009 - Chateauguay Jr Raiders
2008 - Ottawa Junior Riders
2007 - Ottawa Junior Riders
2006 - Ottawa Junior Riders

Cyril F. White Trophy

2009 - Ottawa Junior Riders
2008 - Ottawa Sooners
2007 - Ottawa Junior Riders
2006 - Ottawa Junior Riders


Cyril F. White Trophy - Winners of the Regular Season

Joe Pistilli Cup - Winners of the Playoffs

Bob Geary Trophy - Player of the Year

Sport O'Keefe Trophy - Most Valuable Player to his Team

Kelvin Kirk Trophy - Offensive Player of the Year

Schenley Trophy - Defensive Player of the Year

Trevor Bennett Trophy - Offensive Lineman of the Year

Alex Chapman Trophy - Rookie of the Year

Past Junior teams in Quebec Leagues

  • Joliette Pirates
  • Ottawa Sooners
  • Valleyfield Phalanges
  • Laval Scorpions
  • Notre-Dame-de-Grace Maple Leafs
  • Verdun Invictus
  • Cornwall Emards
  • Montreal Junior Alouettes
  • Montreal Junior Concordes
  • Verdun Maple Leafs
  • Verdun Shamcats
  • Chateauguay Ramblers
  • Ville Emard Juveniles
  • South Shore Packers
  • North Shore Broncos

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