Philip Winston Pillsbury
EducationHotchkiss School (1920)[1]
Yale University (1924)
ParentsCharles S. Pillsbury
RelativesCharles Alfred Pillsbury (grandfather)

Philip Winston Pillsbury (April 16, 1903–June 14, 1984) was chairman emeritus of the Pillsbury Company and a grandson of the cofounder, Charles Alfred Pillsbury.

Early lifeEdit

Pillsbury was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father, Charles S. Pillsbury, was a long-time company director. He graduated from The Hotchkiss School in 1920,[1] and was a member of the Yale College Class of 1924. He was a starting guard on the undefeated and tie-free 1923 football team, an All-American water polo athlete, and a tenor for the Yale Glee Club. Pillsbury died from cancer at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.[2][3]


Pillsbury was elected to the board of directors in 1928; in 1940, he became president, and maintained that post after election to the chairmanship of the board in 1951.

Pillsbury started as a laborer at the company. He was a master miller before accepting promotion to sales and management positions. Pillsbury was said to be one of the few milling executives to have a real knowledge of flour milling.[4]


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