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Peter Wright may refer to:


  • Peter Wright (journalist) (born 1953/4), British editor of The Mail on Sunday
  • Peter Wright (MI5 officer) (1916–1995), author and MI5 counter-intelligence officer


  • Peter Wight (actor) (born 1950), British actor, sometimes credited as Peter Wright
  • Peter Wright (dancer) (born 1926), British ballet director and choreographer
  • Pete Wright (musician) (active 1977–1984), British bass player for the band Crass
  • Peter Wright (organist) (born 1954), British organist
  • Pete Wright, character in American 1950 crime film noir 711 Ocean Drive


  • Peter Wright (American football), American football player in 1893
  • Peter Wright (Australian footballer) (born 1996), Australian rules footballer
  • Peter Wright (darts player) (born 1970), Scottish darts player
  • Peter Wright (footballer, born 1934) (1934–2012), English football player for Colchester United
  • Peter Wright (footballer, born 1982), English football player for Halifax Town
  • Peter Wright (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer 1970–1971 and coach
  • Peter Wright (rugby union) (born 1967), Scottish rugby union footballer and coach
  • Peter Wright (sport wrestler), British wrestler, bronze medalist at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games
  • Peter Wright (swimmer) (born 1972), American swimmer
  • Peter Wright (tennis) (born 1963), Irish-American tennis player
  • Pete Wright (ice hockey) (1927–1989), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Peter Wright, technical director of Team Lotus in 1990s


  • Peter Wright (Jesuit) (1603–1651), beatified English Catholic martyr
  • Peter Harold Wright (1916–1990), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Peter Wright (police officer) (1929–2011), British policeman
  • Peter Wright (scientist), American scientist, NMR spectroscopist
  • Peter Wright (mining entrepreneur) (1908–1985), Australian mining entrepreneur
  • Peter Wright (ceramicist) (1919-2003), potter and sculptor