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The Peter Gorman Trophy is awarded to the Rookie of the Year in CIS football. The Trophy acknowledges the great contribution Peter Gorman has made to the development of Canadian University Football. As Founder of the Canadian College Bowl, his emphasis has always been on the youth of Canada, and is therefore associated with the award to encourage CIS rookies.[1]

List of Peter Gorman winners

Year Winner School
1976[1] Jim Reid Laurier
1977[1] Gord Goodwin Queen's
1978[1] John Lowe Guelph
1979[1] Joey Tynes StFX
1980[1] John Hutchinson Mt. Allison
1981[1] Glen Steele UBC
1982[1] Mike Fabiilli Ottawa
1983[1] Paul Nastasiuk Laurier
1984[1] Jeff Funtasz Alberta
1985[1] Mark Brown Carleton
1986[1] Michael Soles McGill
1987[1] Dan Farthing Saskatchewan
1988[1] Grant Keaney Mt. Allison
1989[1] Chris Banton Ottawa
1990[1] Bill Kubas Laurier
1991[1] Domenic Zagari Manitoba
1992[1] Sean Reade Western
1993[1] Jerome Pathon Acadia
1994[1] Andre Arlain StFX
1995[1] Éric Lapointe Mt. Allison
1996[1] Jeff Johnson York
1997[1] Paul Carty StFX
1998[1] Kojo Aidoo McMaster
1999[1] Sébastien Roy Mt. Allison
2000[1] J.-Frédéric Tremblay Laval
2001[1] Jeremy Steeves StFX
2002[1] Andrew Fantuz Western
2003[1] Maxime Gagnier Montreal
2004[1] Kyle Williams Bishops
2005[1] Martin Gagné Montreal
2006[1] Dalin Tollestrup Calgary
2007[1] Liam Mahoney Concordia
2008[1] Jordan Verdone Waterloo
2009[1] Linden Gaydosh Calgary
2010[1] Eric Dzwilewski Calgary
2011[1] Tyler Varga Western
2012[1] Shaquille Johnson McGill


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