Template:Infobox convention center Peoria Civic Center is a convention center in downtown Peoria, Illinois. It has an arena, theater, exhibit hall and meeting rooms. It opened in 1982 and completed an expansion to its lobby and meeting facilities in 2007.

History[edit | edit source]

The site of the Civic Center includes the spot at Liberty Street and Jefferson Street where Moses and Lucy Pettengill lived from 1836 to 1862; that house was part of the Underground Railroad and Moses was also an Underground Railroad "conductor". In 1862 the Pettingills moved out of downtown and to Moss Avenue, where the present Pettengill–Morron House was built in 1868. The downtown home was demolished in 1910 to make way for the Jefferson Hotel.[1] The hotel, in turn, was imploded in 1978 to make way for the Civic Center.[2]

The first event at the Civic Center was a home and garden show in the Exhibit Hall in February 1982.[2]

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Carver Arena[edit | edit source]

Carver Arena
Capacity9,919 (Ice hockey and indoor football)
11,433 (Basketball)
12,036 (Concerts)
Bradley Braves (NCAA) (1982–present)
Peoria Prancers/Rivermen (IHL) (1982–1996)
Peoria Rivermen (ECHL) (1996–2005)
Peoria Pirates (IFL/AF2) (1999–2004, 2008–2009)
Peoria Rough Riders (UIF) (2005–2006)
Peoria Rivermen (AHL) (2005–2013)
Peoria Rivermen (SPHL) (2013–present)

Template:Cns Prior to playing at Carver Arena, Bradley hosted its games at Robertson Memorial Field House. Template:Cns

As of 2013, seating capacity was 9,919 for hockey and indoor football, 11,433 for basketball and up to 12,036 for concerts.[3]

Carver Arena also plays host to the Illinois High School Association boys' basketball state finals for two weeks every March. The interactive March Madness Experience takes place in the adjacent exhibition hall during the tournaments.[4]

Template:Cns Template:Cns where the Bradley Braves lost to Old Dominion in the finals.

Exhibit halls[edit | edit source]

Template:Cns Template:Cns

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