This is a complete list of seasons competed by the Ottawa Renegades, a former Canadian Football League team. After the previous Ottawa franchise folded in 1996 due to poor management, the city was awarded another franchise in 2002 and would be called the Ottawa Renegades. In their four seasons in the CFL, the franchise never made the post-season and never had a record at or above .500.

Grey Cup Championships Division Championships Regular season Championships
Season League Finish Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
2002 CFL 4th, East 4 14 0
2003 CFL 3rd, East 7 11 0
2004 CFL 4th, East 5 13 0
2005 CFL 3rd, East 7 11 0
Regular Season Totals (2002-2005) 23 49
Playoff Totals (2002-2005)

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