"On, On, U of K"
Music by Carl A. Lambert
Lyrics by Troy Perkins
Published University of Kentucky (1925)
Language English

On, On, U of K, also punctuated as "On! On! U of K",[1] is a fight song at the University of Kentucky. Although it is primarily associated with the historically successful Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball program, the lyrics are actually specific to football.[2] Aside from this song, the school is rarely referred to as "U of K" but simply as "UK."

The melody was written in 1922 by Dr. Carl Lampert, a music professor and the first UK music department chair,[1] while the lyrics were written the following year by Troy Perkins, a student.[3] The song was first published in The 1925 Kentuckian, the University of Kentucky yearbook.[4]

The catchy tune is well known to most college sports fans and has been consistently ranked as one of the 'best' and most original college fight songs. Although there are lyrics to the song, it is not uncommon for Wildcat fans to stand and clap while the song is played, as opposed to singing the lyrics.


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