This is the article about the college football game. For the high school game, see Oil Bowl (high school).

Oil Bowl was a college football bowl game played at Rice Field in Houston, Texas, in 1944, 1946, and 1947.[1] Muddy conditions for the first and freezing temperatures for the third game doomed future contests.

1944: Some consider the New Year's Day bowl Game of 1944 (representing the 1943 season) to have been a College Division/Minor bowl game. Both rosters were made up of varsity players from ranked teams in the 1942 season. This was possible because both schools were participants in the WWII V-12 program. The University of Louisiana-Lafayette team (SLI at the time) for example was composed of over 175 varsity players from other colleges. In these numbers were 18 players from the 19th ranked Rice Owls, 9 players from the 13th ranked LSU Fighting Tigers, and 8 players from eighth ranked Tulsa team of 1942. These players were not all starters for the team, varsity players from other schools made up the majority of the team.

1949: A bowl game by the same name was played as a junior college bowl game.

Game results[edit | edit source]

Date Winning Team Losing Team Location
January 1, 1944 Louisiana-Lafayette 24 Arkansas-Monticello 7 Houston, Texas
January 1, 1946 Georgia 20 Tulsa 6 Houston, Texas
January 1, 1947 Georgia Tech 41 St. Mary's 19 Houston, Texas

References[edit | edit source]

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