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Ohio Field, home to the football team at The Ohio State University before Ohio Stadium, was built in 1898 and dedicated ten years later. Seating capacity was approximately 5,000 until 1907, when a grandstand and bleachers were added. Another renovation in 1910 saw a second grandstand added, with amenities such as brick ticket booths and iron fences, boosting capacity to 14,000. In 1916 Ohio Field saw Ohio State's first Big Ten championship team.

The site of Ohio Field was on North High Street, between 17th and Woodruff Avenues. Presently, the space is occupied by Arps Hall, Ramseyer Hall and a parking garage.[1] During the era of Ohio State's first All-American player, Charles Chic Harley, football grew so popular in Columbus that Ohio Field could no longer facilitate the demand for tickets. This would spawn OSU's campaign for a new stadium near the Olentangy River. The legendary Ohio Stadium would come to be known as the "House that Harley Built,"[1] and remains a recognizable symbol in college athletics today.


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