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2nd logo of NY Euphoria

New York Euphoria (formerly known as Team Euphoria) was one of two teams that established the Lingerie Football League in 2003 to 2009.

The old name Team Euphoria was used at Lingerie Bowl I, broadcast during Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. They were beaten by Team Dream with a score of 0-6.

In the following year the team was renamed New York Euphoria and the LFL was expanded by two more teams (Chicago Bliss and Dallas Desire). After defeating Chicago Bliss in the Eastern Final (one of the Semi-Finals which included a Skill Test, a 3-on-2 match and a dance competition) they met again with Team Dream (now named Los Angeles Temptation) at the final of Lingerie Bowl II and lost.

In 2006 they defeated Chicago Bliss again in the Semi-Final and for the first time defeated Los Angeles Temptation and thus won Lingerie Bowl III with a winning margin of only one point (obtained through a conversion) with a total score of 13-12.

The team was not carried over to the LFL when it made a full launch in 2009. Instead, New York was ostensibly represented by the New York Majesty (though its stadium was in fact in Reading, Pennsylvania).

Lingerie Bowl I (2004) Line-Up
# Name Hometown
- Lawrence Taylor (head coach) Williamsburg, VA
0 Sara Fitzpatrick Rockford, IL
1 Michelle van der Water Sydney, Australia
2 Cassie Moore Park City, UT
3 Tanea Brooks Owasso, OK
4 Cassie Lane Melbourne, Australia
5 Faith Ciagne Bloomington, MN
6 Roban Lampkin Kansas City, MO
7 Angie Everhart (team captain) Akron, OH
10 Bronwyn Leigh Sydney, Australia
11 Darcy Fowers Rock Springs, WY
12 Mia Zottoli aka Ava Lake Boston, MA
13 Diana Dencker Las Vegas, NV

Lingerie Bowl II (2005) Line-Up
# Name Hometown SF*
- ? (head coach) ? X
? ? ? -
? ? ? -
3 Tanea Brooks Owasso, OK X
4 Lana Kinnear Seattle, WA X
? ? ? -
? ? ? -
7 Lisa Ligon Richmond, VA X
? ? ? -
? ? ? -
? ? ? -
12 Mishel Thorpe Newport Beach, CA X
? ? ? -
* X = participation in Semi-Final

Lingerie Bowl III (2006) Line-Up
# Name Hometown
- Willie Gault (head coach) Griffin, GA
1 Meriah Nelson Upland, CA
2 Trishelle Cannatella (quarterback) Cut Off, LA
3 Nicole Hansen Pacific Palisades, CA
4 Lana Kinnear Seattle, WA
5 Jen Johnson Orange County, CA
6 Lisa Martinez Los Angeles, CA
7 Vilayna Sherman Killeen, TX
9 Paige Peterson Lawrence, KS
10 Tammy Vallejos Albuquerque, NM
11 Anca Marcus Transylvania, Romania
12 Mishel Thorpe Newport Beach, CA
13 Jennifer Cantrell Huntington Beach, CA


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