Nebraska–Texas football rivalry
First contestedOctober 7, 1933
Nebraska 26, Texas 0
Number of meetings14
Most recent meetingOctober 16, 2010
Texas 20, Nebraska 13
All-time seriesTexas leads, 10–4
Largest victoryNebraska, 26–0 (1933)
Longest win streakTexas, 6 (2002–10)

The Nebraska–Texas football rivalry was an American college football rivalry between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Texas Longhorns. The rivalry dissolved when Nebraska left the Big 12 Conference for the Big Ten Conference. Due to Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas A&M leaving the conference, the Big 12 Championship Game dissolved due to a lack of teams in the conference. The last ever Big 12 Championship game was played between Nebraska and Oklahoma in 2010. The rivalry is known for the tension between the two programs. Almost every game between the two could have gone either way, with Texas stealing many of the victories in heartbreaking fashion. In the 1996 Big 12 Championship game, Nebraska had a four-point lead over Texas until Wane McGarity scored a touchdown for Texas, followed by a late touchdown by Priest Holmes to allow Texas to win, 37–27.[1]

The 2009 Big 12 Championship Game between Texas and Nebraska ended controversially as the officiating crew added one second to the clock, allowing Texas to score the winning field goal over Nebraska.[2]

Although most Nebraska fans disagreed with the call, former Nebraska coach Tom Osborne stated that Texas "won the game fair and square", and that he was at the game in the press box and felt confused when it first had happened.[3]

Game results Edit

Nebraska victoriesTexas victories
1 October 7, 1933 Lincoln, NE Nebraska 26–0
2 September 19, 1959 Lincoln, NE Texas 20–0
3 September 17, 1960 Austin, TX Nebraska 14–13
4 January 1, 1974 Dallas, TX Nebraska 19–3
5 December 7, 1996 St. Louis, MO Texas 37–27
6 October 31, 1998 Lincoln, NE Texas 20–16
7 October 23, 1999 Austin, TX Texas 24–20
8 December 4, 1999 San Antonio, TX Nebraska 22–6
9 November 2, 2002 Lincoln, NE Texas 27–24
10 November 1, 2003 Austin, TX Texas 31–7
11 October 21, 2006 Lincoln, NE Texas 22–20
12 October 27, 2007 Austin, TX Texas 28–25
13 December 5, 2009 Arlington, TX Texas 13–12
14 October 16, 2010 Lincoln, NE Texas 20–13
Series: Texas leads 10–4

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