Nashville Garnet and Blue
First season 1889
Last season 1909
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Home stadium Peabody Field
Stadium capacity
Stadium surface
Location Nashville, Tennessee
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All-time record
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Claimed national titles 0
Conference titles 0
Division titles 0
Heisman winners 0
Colors Garnet and Blue            

The Nashville Garnet and Blue football team represented the University of Nashville in intercollegiate football competition. The program was active from 1889 until 1909, when it was discontinued. In 1890, the school challenged local Vanderbilt to a game, leading to the first intercollegiate game in Tennessee.

John Heisman, whose Auburn team defeated Nashville 14–4 in 1897, said Bradley Walker was the best ever to play for the Nashville football team.[1]

The 1901 team, coached by Charley Moran was one of the South's first great teams.[2] In 1903, E. A. Wreidt, the team's coach, resigned and Nashville football was threatened with its end, but it survived for a few more years.[3]


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