Mr. Irrelevant is the title bestowed each year upon the last pick of the annual National Football League draft. Although the NFL Draft dates back to 1936, the first person to officially be given the "Mr. Irrelevant" title was Kelvin Kirk, pick number 487 of the 1976 draft. The current Mr. Irrelevant is Caleb Wilson, former tight end for the UCLA Bruins, who was picked 254th by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2019 draft.


"Mr. Irrelevant" and "Irrelevant Week" arose in 1976, when former Southern California and NFL receiver Paul Salata founded the event in Newport Beach, California. He continued to announce the final pick of the NFL draft until 2013; from 2014 his daughter took over in announcing the pick. During the summer after the draft, the new Mr. Irrelevant and his family are invited to spend a week in Newport Beach where they enjoy a trip to Disneyland, a golf tournament, a regatta, a roast giving advice to the new draftee, and a ceremony awarding him the Lowsman Trophy. The trophy mimics the Heisman, but depicts a player fumbling a football.[1]

"Irrelevant Week" gave so much publicity to "Mr. Irrelevant" that in 1979 the Los Angeles Rams, with the penultimate pick, intentionally passed to let the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the last pick, choose first. The Steelers also wanted the publicity and passed as well. The two teams continued to refuse to choose a player until NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle forced the teams to pick, with the Steelers winning the pick. The incident led to the "Salata Rule", which prohibits teams from passing to get the final pick.[2]

Notable selectionsEdit

Since the NFL draft was cut to its current seven-round format in 1994, players presented with this dubious honor have more often succeeded in making the team that drafted them, with some making significant contributions on the field.

Mr. Irrelevant selectionsEdit

Year Round Pick Player Name Team Position College
19761728487 Kirk, KelvinKelvin Kirk SteelersWRDayton
19771227335 Kelleher, JimJim Kelleher VikingsRBColorado
19781228334 Washburn, LeeLee Washburn CowboysGMontana State
19791227330 Almond, MikeMike Almond SteelersWRNorthwestern State
19801228333 McGriff, TyroneTyrone McGriff SteelersGFlorida A&M
19811228332 Nelson, PhilPhil Nelson RaidersTEDelaware
19821228334 Washington, TimTim Washington 49ersDBFresno State
19831228335 Tuggle, JohnJohn Tuggle Giants[lower-alpha 1]RBCalifornia
19841228336 Essington, RandyRandy Essington RaidersQBColorado
19851228336 Chumley, DonaldDonald Chumley 49ersDTGeorgia
19861228333 Travis, MikeMike Travis ChargersDBGeorgia Tech
19871228335 Jefferson, NormanNorman Jefferson Packers[lower-alpha 2]DBLSU
19881228333 Beathard, JeffJeff Beathard Rams[lower-alpha 3]WRSouthern Oregon
19891228335 Ross, EverettEverett Ross Vikings[lower-alpha 4]WROhio State
19901227331 Davis, DemetriusDemetrius Davis Raiders[lower-alpha 5]TENevada
19911228334 Wanke, LarryLarry Wanke GiantsQBJohn Carroll
19921228336 Elliott, MattMatt Elliott RedskinsCMichigan
1993828224 Alcorn, DaronDaron Alcorn Buccaneers[lower-alpha 6]KAkron
1994728222 Moore, MartyMarty Moore Patriots[lower-alpha 7]LBKentucky
1995741249 Reed, MichaelMichael Reed PanthersDBBoston College
1996745254 Manuel, SamSam Manuel 49ersLBNew Mexico State
1997739240 McAda, RonnieRonnie McAda PackersQBArmy
1998752241 Quayle, CamCam Quayle RavensTEWeber State
1999747253 Finn, JimJim Finn Bears[lower-alpha 8]RBPennsylvania
2000748254 Green, MichaelMichael Green Bears[lower-alpha 9]DBNorthwestern State
2001746246 Ofahengaue, TevitaTevita Ofahengaue CardinalsTEBYU
2002750261 Miller, AhmadAhmad Miller TexansDTUNLV
2003748262 Hoag, RyanRyan Hoag Raiders[lower-alpha 10]WRGustavus Adolphus
2004754255 Sommersell, AndreAndre Sommersell RaidersLBColorado State
2005741255 Stokes, AndyAndy Stokes PatriotsTEWilliam Penn
2006747255 McMahan, KevinKevin McMahan RaidersWRMaine
2007745255 Robinson, RamzeeRamzee Robinson LionsCBAlabama
2008745252 Vobora, DavidDavid Vobora RamsOLBIdaho
2009747256 Succop, RyanRyan Succop ChiefsKSouth Carolina
2010748255 Toone, TimTim Toone LionsWRWeber State
2011753254 Ozougwu, ChetaCheta Ozougwu TexansDERice
2012746253 Harnish, ChandlerChandler Harnish ColtsQBNorthern Illinois
2013748254 Cunningham, JusticeJustice Cunningham ColtsTESouth Carolina
2014741256 Ballentine, LonnieLonnie Ballentine TexansSMemphis
2015739256 Christian, GeraldGerald Christian CardinalsTELouisville
2016732253 Reed, KalanKalan Reed Titans[lower-alpha 11]CBSouthern Miss
2017735253 Kelly, ChadChad Kelly BroncosQBOle Miss
2018738256 Quinn, TreyTrey Quinn Redskins[lower-alpha 12]WRSMU
2019740254 Wilson, CalebCaleb Wilson CardinalsTEUCLA

Pre-Mr. Irrelevant final selectionsEdit

Prior to Mr. Irrelevant, Jimmy Walker was the final pick in 1967 despite never having played college football. His main sport, however, was basketball, in which he was a consensus All-American and the nation's leading scorer as a senior at Providence College. Walker was the first pick in the 1967 NBA Draft, and opted for a career in the NBA.[9]

Year Round Pick Player Name Team Position College
19369981 Flanagan, PhilPhil Flanagan GiantsGHoly Cross
19371010100 Holt, SolonSolon Holt RamsGTCU
19381210110 Dreher, FerdFerd Dreher BearsE Denver
1939225200 Rhodes, JackJack Rhodes GiantsGTexas
1940225200 Claxton, MyronMyron Claxton GiantsTWhittier
1941222204 Landsberg, MortMort Landsberg SteelersBCornell
1942225200 Clarkson, StuStu Clarkson BearsCTexas A&I
1943325300 Bogovich, BoBo Bogovich RedskinsGDelaware
1944326330 Roberts, WaltonWalton Roberts YanksBTexas
1945326330 Aldridge, Billy JoeBilly Joe Aldridge PackersBOklahoma A&M
1946325300 West, JohnJohn West RamsBOklahoma
1947327300 Clayton, DonDon Clayton GiantsBNorth Carolina
1948327300 Fischer, BillBill Fischer CardinalsGNotre Dame
19492510251 Schweder, John (Bull)John (Bull) Schweder EaglesG Pennsylvania
19503013391 Parker, DudDud Parker EaglesBBaylor
19513011362 Averno, SistoSisto Averno BrownsGMuhlenberg
19523011360 Saban, JohnJohn Saban BrownsBXavier
19533011360 Maus, HalHal Maus LionsEMontana
19543011360 Horton, EllisEllis Horton LionsBEureka (IL)
19553011360 Leachman, LamarLamar Leachman BrownsCTennessee
19563011360 Bartholomew, BobBob Bartholomew BrownsTWake Forest
19573011360 Gest, DonDon Gest GiantsEWashington State
19583011360 Bronson, TommyTommy Bronson LionsBTennessee
19593012360 Weese, BlairBlair Weese ColtsBWest Virginia Tech
19602012240 Gorman, BillBill Gorman GiantsTMcMurry
19612014280 MacKinnon, JacqueJacque MacKinnon EaglesBColgate
19622014280 Snodgrass, MikeMike Snodgrass PackersCWestern Michigan
19632014280 Brezina, BobbyBobby Brezina PackersBHouston
19642014280 Niglio, DickDick Niglio BearsRBYale
19652014280 Haffner, GeorgeGeorge Haffner ColtsQBMcNeese State
19662015305 Carr, TomTom Carr ColtsTMorgan State
19671726445 Walker, JimmyJimmy Walker SaintsWRProvidence
19681727462 Smith, JimmyJimmy Smith BengalsTEJackson State
19691726442 Zirkie, FredFred Zirkie JetsDTDuke
19701726442 Jenkins, RayfordRayford Jenkins ChiefsDBAlcorn A&M
1971[lower-alpha 13]1726442 Hill, CharlesCharles Hill RaidersWRSam Houston State
19721726442 Cain, AlphonsoAlphonso Cain CowboysDTBethune-Cookman
19731726442 Wade, CharlesCharles Wade DolphinsWRTennessee State
19741726442 Dickerson, KenKen Dickerson DolphinsDBTuskegee
19751726442 Hegener, StanStan Hegener Steelers GNebraska


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