Listed below are all professional American football regular season games played on Monday before the start of ABC's weekly Monday Night Football series.

These includes games televised by CBS and NBC on an experimental basis. These games happened in the late 1960s. The pre-1960s games were on Mondays either as special promotions or due to schedule conflicts. The primary reason that Monday games were much more rare before the 1960s was mainly because artificial lighting was not yet widespread or good enough to provide an acceptable view of the field for a night game (hence, for the first few years of night games, a specially painted white football was used), thus requiring that all games be played during the day, when most potential spectators were at work.





  • 10/2/50: Chicago Cardinals 55, Baltimore Colts 13
  • 10/1/51: New York Giants 13, Pittsburgh Steelers 13
  • 10/8/51: Detroit Lions 37, New York Yanks 10
  • 9/29/52: Washington Redskins 23, Chicago Cardinals 7
  • 9/26/55: Pittsburgh Steelers 14, Chicago Cardinals 7


  • 9/28/64: Green Bay Packers 14, Detroit Lions 10
  • 10/12/64: Baltimore Colts 47, St. Louis Cardinals 27
  • 10/4/65: St. Louis Cardinals 20, Dallas Cowboys 13
  • 10/31/66: St. Louis Cardinals 24 Chicago Bears 17
  • 10/30/67: Green Bay Packers 31, St. Louis Cardinals 23
  • 9/9/68: Kansas City Chiefs 26, Houston Oilers 21 (AFL)
  • 9/16/68: Los Angeles Rams 24, St. Louis Cardinals 13
  • 10/28/68: Green Bay Packers 28, Dallas Cowboys 17
  • 10/13/69: Baltimore Colts 24, Philadelphia Eagles 20
  • 10/20/69: New York Jets 26, Houston Oilers 17 (AFL)
  • 10/27/69: Dallas Cowboys 25, New York Giants 3

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