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Mississippi Industrial College girls' dormitory

Mississippi Industrial College was a historically black college in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It was founded in 1905 by the Mississippi Conference of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. After desegregation of community colleges in the mid-twentieth century, it had trouble competing and eventually closed in 1982.


Intended to train students for agriculture and trades, the school was located on a 120-acre (49 ha) campus. The Mississippi Conference of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church founded it in 1905.[1] In January 1906 the first academic session began. Two hundred students were enrolled by May 1906. By 1908 the school had 450 students.[2]

In 1982 the campus closed.[1] After the desegregation of Mississippi community colleges, many students chose to go to other schools. In addition, student expectations were changing.[3]

In November 1999 the Mississippi Industrial College Alumni Association, Inc. (MICAAI) was organized in order to preserve the campus and buildings. The University of Mississippi said "the campus now lies in disrepair."[4] In 2008 Rust College acquired the campus of the former industrial college.[5]

Notable faculty and alumni


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