Military Classic of the South
First contested1920
VMI 35, The Citadel 0
Number of meetings74
Most recent meetingOctober 20, 2018
The Citadel 34, VMI 32
Next meetingOctober 5, 2019
at Charleston, South Carolina
All-time seriesThe Citadel leads, 42–30–2
Largest victoryThe Citadel, 50–0 (1992)
Longest win streakThe Citadel, 12 (2003–present)
Current streakThe Citadel, 12 (2003–present)

The Military Classic of the South is an American college football rivalry game played between The Citadel and the Virginia Military Institute.[1] The first game between the two military schools was in 1920. The game has been played nearly continuously since World War II; since then, only five seasons have seen the game not played.

As of 2018, The Citadel had won the game 12 times in a row. The 74th and most recent game of the series saw The Citadel defeat VMI 34–32 at Alumni Memorial Field in Lexington, Virginia.


The teams first played each other in 1920. The trophy that is currently awarded, the Silver Shako, was introduced in 1976.[2][3]

The game has been played nearly continuously since World War II, with no matchup in 1956, 2004, and 2008–2010. Through 2018, The Citadel Bulldogs have won the past twelve meetings and sixteen of the last eighteen; they lead the series 42–30–2. At one point in 1967, the Keydets led the series 18–8–1.The Military Classic is the thirteenth oldest still-played rivalry in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) of the NCAA. Both teams were members of the Southern Conference (SoCon) from 1936 until 2003, when VMI left for the Big South Conference and were reunited in the SoCon when VMI returned in 2014.[4][5]

Other sportsEdit

With the return of VMI to the Southern Conference, annual rivalries have been renewed in college baseball, women's soccer, track and field, and cross country. VMI remained in the SoCon in wrestling, and continued to compete annually with The Citadel in that sport while a full member of the Big South.

The Bulldogs and Keydets, along with Air Force and Army, participated in the All-Military Classic basketball tournament, which began in 2011 and continued until the final tournament in 2014.

Game resultsEdit

The Citadel victoriesVMI victoriesTie games
11920Lynchburg, VAVMI35–0
21929Lexington, VAVMI12–7
31930Charleston, SCThe Citadel7–6
41931Lexington, VATie13–13
51932Charleston, SCThe Citadel12–6
61937Lexington, VAVMI27–0
71946Lexington, VAVMI21–6
81947Charleston, SCThe Citadel7–6
91948Lexington, VAVMI34–6
101949Charleston, SCThe Citadel19–14
111950Lexington, VAVMI13–7
121951Charleston, SCVMI27–21
131952Lexington, VAVMI20–19
141953Charleston, SCVMI14–0
151954Lexington, VAVMI42–0
161955Charleston, SCVMI14–7
171957Lexington, VAVMI33–7
181958Charleston, SCThe Citadel14–6
191959Lexington, VAVMI32–8
201960Charleston, SCVMI20–6
211961Lexington, VAThe Citadel14–8
221962Charleston, SCVMI16–7
231963Lexington, VAVMI33–8
241964Charleston, SCThe Citadel17–0
251965Lexington, VAVMI21–7
261966Charleston, SCThe Citadel30–14
271967Roanoke, VAVMI22–11
281968Charleston, SCThe Citadel13–8
291969Lexington, VAThe Citadel28–2
301970Charleston, SCThe Citadel56–9
311971Lexington, VAThe Citadel25–24
321972Charleston, SCThe Citadel42–3
331973Lexington, VAVMI23–6
341974Charleston, SCVMI20–9
351975Lexington, VAThe Citadel6–3
361976Charleston, SCVMI30–14
371977Lexington, VAVMI19–3
381978Charleston, SCThe Citadel14–3
391979Lexington, VAThe Citadel37–6
401980Charleston, SCThe Citadel28–0
411981Norfolk, VAVMI14–0
421982Charleston, SCThe Citadel21–7
431983Lexington, VAThe Citadel27–16
441984Charleston, SCThe Citadel27–24
451985Lexington, VATie14–14
461986Charleston, SCVMI47–30
471987Charleston, SCVMI7–3
481988Norfolk, VAThe Citadel31–20
491989Lexington, VAVMI20–10
501990Charleston, SCThe Citadel23–3
511991Norfolk, VAThe Citadel17–14
521992Charleston, SCThe Citadel50–0
531993Charleston, SCThe Citadel34–33
541994Norfolk, VAThe Citadel58–14
551995Charleston, SCVMI34–7
561996Lexington, VAVMI34–27
571997Charleston, SCThe Citadel28–6
581998Lexington, VAThe Citadel36–10
591999Charleston, SCThe Citadel14–7
602000Lexington, VAVMI41–21
612001Charleston, SCThe Citadel49–7
622002Charlotte, NCVMI23–21
632003Charlotte, NCThe Citadel27–23
642005Lexington, VAThe Citadel22–14
652006Charleston, SCThe Citadel48–21
662007Lexington, VAThe Citadel70–28
672011Charleston, SCThe Citadel41–14
682012Lexington, VAThe Citadel27–24
692013Charleston, SCThe Citadel31–10
702014Lexington, VAThe Citadel45–25
712015Charleston, SCThe Citadel35–14
722016Lexington, VAThe Citadel30–20
732017Charleston, SCThe Citadel21–3
742018Lexington, VAThe Citadel34–32
Series: The Citadel leads 42–30–2

Other varsity sportsEdit

Sport Last Matchup All-Time Series
Date Location Winner Score Attendance Leader Record
Baseball March 30, 2018 Gray–Minor StadiumLexington, VA The Citadel 5–0 188 The Citadel 81–33
March 31, 2018 Gray–Minor Stadium • Lexington, VA VMI 12–3 323
April 1, 2018 Gray–Minor Stadium • Lexington, VA VMI 12–4 239
Basketball January 26, 2019 McAlister Field HouseCharleston, South Carolina The Citadel 84–82 4,062 The Citadel 58–53
February 17, 2018 McAlister Field HouseCharleston, SC VMI 75–71 3,213
March 2, 2018[lower-alpha 1] U.S. Cellular CenterAsheville, NC The Citadel 78–70 1,200
Women's Soccer September 30, 2018 WLI FieldCharleston, SC The Citadel 4–3 209 VMI 7–4
Wrestling January 27, 2018 McAlister Field House • Charleston, SC VMI 19–17 N/A VMI 40–24

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