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Michael Johnson or Mike Johnson may refer to:


  • Michael Johnson (singer) (born 1944), American pop, country and folk singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Mike Johnson (guitarist) (born 1952), American experimental rock guitarist and composer
  • Mike Johnson (bassist) (born 1965), American songwriter and bass guitarist
  • Michael Johnson (drummer) (born 1982), American pop singer and drummer


American football

Association football

  • Mike Johnson (footballer born 1933) (1933–2004), English football player, 1951–1969), manager, 1969–1993
  • Michael Johnson (footballer born 1941) (1941–1991), Swansea City and Wales international footballer
  • Michael Johnson (footballer born 1973), English football player, 1991–2009, Jamaican national team, 1999–2006, manager, 2009–
  • Michael Johnson (footballer born 1988), English football player, Manchester City 2006–2012.
  • Michael Johnson (Caymanian footballer) (born 1990), Caymanian football defender

Other sports

  • Michael Johnson (sprinter) (born 1967), American World and Olympic Champion sprinter
  • Michael Johnson (canoer) (born 1941), American Olympic canoer
  • Michael Johnson (paralympian) (born 1973), New Zealand World and Paralympic Champion shooter
  • Mike Johnson (ice hockey) (born 1974), Canadian ice hockey player, 1997–2008
  • Mike Johnson (1990s pitcher) (born 1975), Canadian Olympic and Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Mike Johnson (1970s pitcher) (born 1951), American Major League Baseball player
  • Michael Johnson (Australian rules footballer) (born 1984), Australian rules player for the Fremantle Dockers, 2005–
  • Michael Johnson (fighter) (born 1986), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Michael Johnson (cricketer) (born 1988), Australian cricketer
  • Michael Johnson (Gaelic footballer), former Antrim Gaelic footballer
  • Michael Ryan Johnson (born 1983), American racing driver
  • Michael Johnson (field hockey) (born 1979), British former field hockey player
  • Mickey Johnson (born 1952), American basketball player


  • Michael Johnson (politician) (born 1970), member of the Australian House of Representatives
  • Mike Johnson (Oklahoma politician) (born 1944), Republican member of the Oklahoma Senate


  • Michael Alan Johnson, Disney Channel actor
  • Mike Johnson (animator), stop motion animator and recently co-director of Corpse Bride
  • Mike Johnson (technologist), technologist and pioneer in superscalar microprocessor design
  • Mike Johnson (The Real World), cast member of MTV reality series The Real World: London
  • Michael Johnson (ODNI), intelligence officer in the United States Office of the Director for National Intelligence
  • Michael Johnson (actor)
  • Michael Johnson (writer); see The Best American Poetry 2009
  • Crispus Attucks (1723–1770), sailor who may have used the alias "Michael Johnson"
  • Michael D. Johnson, Dean of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
  • Mick Johnson, fictional character in the soap opera Brookside
  • Mike Johnson (actor), actor who appeared in 50 films between 1928 and 1949
  • Michael Johnson (criminal) (1977–2006), committed suicide before his execution in 2006 for the murder of Jeff Wetterman
  • Michael Johnson (graphic designer), graphic designer and founder of award winning studio johnson banks
  • The man convicted in the Murder of Phylicia Barnes

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  • Michael Jonzun, musician and producer in the band Jonzun crew
  • Mikael Jonsson, a Swedish chef