The Miami Vise were an arena football team formed by Arena Football League founder Jim Foster for the purposes of playing a "test game" on February 26, 1987 at the Rosemont Horizon against the Chicago Bruisers. The best player in the contest, Chicago's Eddie Phillips scored three touchdowns, including one in the last minute, but the Bruisers fell to the Vise by a score of 33-30 (on Hawaii's Rich Salzer's TD). Today, this contest is known as the "showcase" game, as it had far more prestige and fanfare than the original 1986 test game between the Rockford Metros and Chicago Politicians.

This would be the only game the Vise (whose name was a take on the popular TV series Miami Vice) would ever play, and Miami wouldn't get a team in the AFL until 1993. Actually, the Vise weren't even a Florida-based team to begin with, as they were created out of Foster's imagination and consisted of mostly of college players located in the Midwest. At the time, the players were sworn to secrecy so fans would believe the team was actually located in Miami.[citation needed]

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