The Maritime Women's Football League is a Canadian football league in eastern Canada. It was Canada's first all-female full-contact football competition when it began operating in 2004.

Since it was established, the League has grown from two to four teams. They hail from the three major cities of New Brunswick (Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John) along with a team from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The current MWFL title holders are the Halifax Xplosion.

Current teams[edit | edit source]

Modified rules[edit | edit source]

In the MWFL, the playing field is a regulation Canadian football field, 65 yards wide, but offences are permitted four downs (rather than the usual three) to move the ball forward 10 yards. The one-yard neutral zone is the same as in regular Canadian football.

Instead of 12 players per side, MWFL teams play with 11 per team according to the league's 2012 rules.[1] As of 2012, the four timed quarters are each 12 minutes long ordinarily, but 15 minutes long in the final two weeks of the regular season.[1]

The league's former rules in 2007[2] stipulated that games were played with 10 players per team, in four quarters of 10 minutes each.

League champions[edit | edit source]

The league championship is known as the SupHer Bowl, while the championship trophy is known as the Judy Upward Trophy.[3]

Year Champion
2004 Simmonds Seagals
2005 Saint John Buccaneers
2006 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
2007 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
2008 Saint John Storm
2009 Moncton Vipers
2010 Saint John Storm
2011 Saint John Storm
2012 Moncton Vipers
2013 Capital Area Lady Gladiators
2014 Saint John Storm [4]
2015 Saint John Storm [5][6]
2016 Saint John Storm
2017 Saint John Storm
2018 Fredericton Nissan Lady Gladiators
2019 Halifax Xplosion

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