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The lists of Michigan Wolverines football statistical leaders identify individual statistical leaders of the Michigan Wolverines football program in various offensive categories, including passing, rushing, and receptions. Within those areas, the lists identify single-game, single-season and career leaders in yardage, number (receptions, rushes or passes), and touchdowns. The Michigan Wolverines football program is a college football team that represents the University of Michigan in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Big Ten Conference.

Passing leaders. Michigan's career leader in passing yardage is Chad Henne with 9,715 passing yards from 2004 to 2007. Henne also holds the career records in completions (828) and touchdown passes (87). John Navarre holds the records for passing yards in a single season (3,331) and single game (489), both records having been set during the 2003 season. Tom Brady holds the school's record for most completions in a game, having completed 34 passes against Alabama in the 2000 Orange Bowl.

Rushing leaders. Michigan's career leader in rushing yards is Mike Hart with 5,040 rushing yards from 2004 to 2007. Hart also holds the career record with 1,050 carries. Tim Biakabutuka holds the single season record with 1,818 rushing yards during the 1995 season. Ron Johnson holds the single game record with 347 rushing yards in a game against Wisconsin during the 1967 season. Willie Heston, who played on Fielding H. Yost's "Point-a-Minute" teams from 1901 to 1904, holds the career record for rushing touchdowns with 72. Albert Herrnstein holds the records for most rushing touchdowns in a season (26) and in a single game (7), having set those records for the 1902 team.

Receiving leaders. Michigan receiving records are dominated by Braylon Edwards who played for Michigan from 2001 to 2004. He holds the records for most receiving yards in a career (3,541) and season (1,330 in 2004), the records for most receptions in a career (252) and season (97 in 2004), and the record for most career touchdown reception (39). Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard holds the single season record with 19 touchdown passes during the 1991 season. Michigan's single game receiving records are held by Roy Roundtree (246 receiving yards against Illinois in 2010), Marquise Walker (15 receptions against Ohio State in 2001), and Derrick Alexander (four touchdown catches against Minnesota in 1992).

Historical caveats. Although Michigan began competing in intercollegiate football in 1879,[1] the school's official statistical database only tracks offensive statistics since 1949.[2] The tracking of defensive statistics dates back to an even shorter period of time and is not covered within the scope of this article.

Because the official database commences in 1949, many statistical achievements are overlooked in these lists. For example, Dick Rifenburg's career receiving statistics are not included in the official database despite the fact that his 16 career and eight single-season touchdowns were recognized as school records until 1980.[3]

Where pre-1949 records are available from reliable sources, they have been included below with yellow shading. Because there is no complete database of pre-1949 records, such records are incomplete and may not be considered "official" records.

With playing seasons extending progressively from relatively short four-games seasons in the 19th century to the current 12-game regular seasons, conference championship games, and bowl games,[4] and with players being eligible to play four years of college football starting in 1972,[5] the lists tend to be dominated by more recent players.

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Top 20 career
Name Yards Start End
Chad Henne971520042007
John Navarre925420002003
Elvis Grbac646019891992
Denard Robinson625020092012
Todd Collins585819911994
Jim Harbaugh544919831986
Tom Brady535119961999
Steve Smith486019801983
Brian Griese438319951997
Rick Leach428419751978
John Wangler299419761980
Drew Henson294619982000
Scott Dreisbach292019951998
Tate Forcier264720092010
Don Moorhead255019681970
Dennis Brown253419661968
Dick Vidmer240019651967
Dennis Franklin228519721974
Michael Taylor219419871989
Bob Chappuis2068[6]19421947
Top 20 single-season
Name Yards Year
John Navarre33312003
John Navarre29052002
Chad Henne27432004
Jim Harbaugh27291986
Tom Brady26361998
Tom Brady25861999
Denard Robinson25702010
Chad Henne25262005
Todd Collins25181994
Todd Collins25091993
Chad Henne25082006
John Navarre24352001
Brian Griese22931997
Denard Robinson21732011
Drew Henson21462000
Elvis Grbac20851991
Tate Forcier20502009
Scott Dreisbach20251996
Jim Harbaugh19761985
Chad Henne19382007
Top 20 single-game
Name Yards Year Opponent
John Navarre3892003Iowa
Tom Brady3751998Ohio State
Chad Henne3732007Florida
Scott Dreisbach3721995Virginia
Tom Brady3691999Alabama
John Navarre3602003Oregon
John Navarre3532003Minnesota
Todd Collins3521994Minnesota
Denard Robinson3382011Notre Dame
Denard Robinson3372011Northwestern
Chad Henne3282004Minnesota
Chad Henne3282004Ohio State
Brian Griese3231995Penn State
John Navarre3192002Florida
Chad Henne3162004Indiana
Devin Gardner3142012Iowa
Drew Henson3122000Northwestern
Jim Harbaugh3101986Wisconsin
Chad Henne3092006 USC
Tom Brady3071999Illinois


Top 20 career
Name Completions Start End
Chad Henne82820042007
John Navarre76520002003
Elvis Grbac52219891992
Todd Collins45719911994
Tom Brady44319961999
Denard Robinson42720092012
Jim Harbaugh38719831986
Brian Griese35519951997
Steve Smith32419801983
Rick Leach25019751978
Tate Forcier21920092010
Drew Henson21419982000
Scott Dreisbach20819951998
John Wangler19719761980
Don Moorhead19619681970
Dennis Brown19419661968
Dick Vidmer18119651967
Michael Taylor16319871989
Dennis Franklin15319721974
Bob Timberlake13319621964
Top 20 single-season
Name Completions Year
John Navarre2702003
John Navarre2482002
Chad Henne2402004
Chad Henne2232005
Tom Brady2141999
Tom Brady2141998
John Navarre2072001
Chad Henne2032006
Brian Griese1931997
Todd Collins1891993
Todd Collins1861994
Denard Robinson1822010
Jim Harbaugh1801986
Tate Forcier1652009
Elvis Grbac1651991
Chad Henne1622007
Elvis Grbac1551990
Scott Dreisbach1491996
Drew Henson1462000
Jim Harbaugh1451985
Top 20 (plus ties) single-game
Name Completions Year Opponent
Tom Brady341999Alabama
John Navarre332003Minnesota
Chad Henne332004Minnesota
Tom Brady311998Ohio State
Tom Brady301999Michigan State
Todd Collins291992Oklahoma State
John Navarre282003Oregon
Denard Robinson272010Mississippi State
Scott Dreisbach271995Virginia
John Navarre272002Penn State
John Navarre272003USC
Chad Henne272004Ohio State
Drew Henson262000Purdue
John Navarre262001Washington
John Navarre262003Iowa
Chad Henne262005Michigan State
Chad Henne262006USC
Chad Henne252007Florida
Chad Henne252004Notre Dame
Chad Henne252005Ohio State

<span id="PTouch" />TouchdownsEdit

Top 20 career
Name TDs Start End
Chad Henne8720042007
John Navarre7220002003
Elvis Grbac7119891992
Denard Robinson4920092012
Rick Leach4819751978
Steve Smith4219801983
Todd Collins3719911994
Tom Brady3519961999
Brian Griese3319951997
Jim Harbaugh3119831986
John Wangler2619761980
Drew Henson2419982000
Dennis Brown2019661968
Dennis Franklin1819721974
Michael Taylor1719871989
Demetrius Brown1719871988
Tate Forcier1720092010
Scott Dreisbach1519951998
Don Moorhead1519681970
Devin Gardner132010present
Top 20 (plus ties) single-season
Name TDs Year
Chad Henne252004
Elvis Grbac251991
John Navarre242003
Chad Henne232005
Chad Henne222006
Elvis Grbac211990
John Navarre212002
Tom Brady201999
Denard Robinson202011
John Navarre192001
Jim Harbaugh181985
Drew Henson182000
Denard Robinson182010
Chad Henne172007
Rick Leach171978
Brian Griese171997
Todd Collins171993
Elvis Grbac171992
John Wangler161980
Steve Smith151981
Tom Brady151998
Rick Leach151977
Top 20 single-game
Name TDs Year Opponent
Steve Smith41983Purdue
Chris Zurbrugg41984Purdue
Michael Taylor41989Minnesota
Elvis Grbac41990Mississippi
Elvis Grbac41991Florida State
Todd Collins41992Houston
Elvis Grbac41992Minnesota
Brian Griese41995Minnesota
Scott Dreisbach41996Michigan State
Tom Brady41999Alabama
John Navarre42000Bowling Green
Drew Henson42000Northwestern
John Navarre42002Western Michigan
John Navarre42002Illinois
Chad Henne42004Michigan State
Chad Henne42004Texas
Chad Henne42007Michigan State
Denard Robinson42011Notre Dame



Top 20 career
Name Rushes Start End
Mike Hart101520042007
Anthony Thomas92419972000
Chris Perry81120002003
Jamie Morris80619841987
Denard Robinson72320092012
Butch Woolfolk71719781981
Tyrone Wheatley68819911994
Billy Taylor58719691971
Rob Lytle55719731976
Lawrence Ricks54119791982
Gordon Bell53519731975
Ed Shuttlesworth53219711973
Ricky Powers52619901993
Russell Davis52319751978
Harlan Huckleby50019751978
Ron Johnson48719661968
Rick Leach48719751978
Tim Biakabutuka47219931995
Stan Edwards46819771981
Clarence Williams46719951998
Top 20 single-season
Name Rushes Year
Chris Perry3382003
Anthony Thomas3192000
Mike Hart3182006
Tim Biakabutuka3031995
Anthony Thomas3011999
Jamie Morris2821987
Mike Hart2822004
Gordon Bell2731975
Chris Perry2672002
Lawrence Ricks2661982
Mike Hart2652007
Tony Boles2621988
Denard Robinson2562010
Ron Johnson2551968
Butch Woolfolk2531981
Billy Taylor2491971
Ricky Powers2401991
Russell Davis2251977
Rob Lytle2211976
Denard Robinson2212011
Top 20 single-game
Name Rushes Year Opponent
Chris Perry512003Michigan State
Mike Hart442007Penn State
Anthony Thomas421999Indiana
Ron Johnson421967Northwestern
Mike Hart402004Illinois
Butch Woolfolk391981Michigan State
Ricky Powers381991Notre Dame
Tim Biakabutuka371995Ohio State
Anthony Thomas372000Northwestern
Tim Biakabutuka371995Michigan State
Mike Hart362005Michigan State
Anthony Thomas352000Illinois
Mike Hart352007Notre Dame
Tyrone Wheatley351994Iowa
Anthony Thomas352000Penn State
Mike Hart352004Minnesota
Gordon Bell351975Illinois
Tim Biakabutuka341995Northwestern
Ron Johnson341968Indiana
Anthony Thomas341999Penn State

<span id="RusYard" />YardsEdit

Top 20 career
Name Yards Start End
Mike Hart504020042007
Denard Robinson449520092012
Anthony Thomas447219972000
Jamie Morris439219841987
Tyrone Wheatley417819911994
Butch Woolfolk385019781981
Chris Perry369620002003
Rob Lytle330719731976
Billy Taylor307219691971
Gordon Bell290219731975
Tim Biakabutuka281019931995
Lawrence Ricks275119791982
Harlan Huckleby262419751978
Ricky Powers255419901993
Russell Davis255019751978
Ron Johnson241719661968
Willie Heston2,339[7]19011904
Ed Shuttlesworth233319711973
Tony Boles224719871989
Stan Edwards220619771981
Top 20 single-season
Name Yards Year
Tim Biakabutuka18181995
Anthony Thomas17332000
Jamie Morris17031987
Denard Robinson17022010
Chris Perry16742003
Mike Hart15622006
Rob Lytle14691976
Butch Woolfolk14591981
Mike Hart14552004
Tony Boles14081988
Ron Johnson13911968
Gordon Bell13901975
Lawrence Ricks13881982
Jon Vaughn13641990
Mike Hart13612007
Tyrone Wheatley13571992
Anthony Thomas12971999
Billy Taylor12971971
Ricky Powers11971991
Denard Robinson11762011
Top 20 single-game
Name Yards Year Opponent
Ron Johnson3471968Wisconsin
Tim Biakabutuka3131995Ohio State
Jon Vaughn2881990UCLA
Ron Johnson2701967Navy
Denard Robinson2582010Notre Dame
Butch Woolfolk2531981Michigan State
Denard Robinson2352012Purdue
Tyrone Wheatley2351992Washington
Mike Hart2342004Illinois
Jamie Morris2341987Alabama
Chris Perry2322003Central Michigan
Anthony Thomas2282000Illinois
Billy Taylor2251969Iowa
Mike Hart2242004Michigan State
Tyrone Wheatley2241992Iowa
Chris Perry2192003Michigan State
Mike Hart2182005Michigan State
Ted Kress2181952Northwestern
Denard Robinson2182012Air Force
Denard Robinson2172010Indiana

<span id="RuTouch" />TouchdownsEdit

Records for years prior to 1949 are not included in the University of Michigan's statistical records database. Where pre-1949 records are available from reliable sources, they have been included below with yellow shading. Because there is no complete database of pre-1949 records, such records are incomplete and may not be considered "official" records. Unless otherwise indicated, touchdown totals in this section are taken from the 2011 Michigan Football Record Book.[8]

Top 20 (plus ties) career
Name TDs Start End
Willie Heston72[7]19011904
Anthony Thomas5519972000
Tyrone Wheatley4719911994
Mike Hart4120042007
Denard Robinson4120092012
Albert Herrnstein3918981902
Chris Perry3920002003
Joe Curtis3519031906
Tom Hammond3419031905
Rick Leach3419751978
Steve Smith3119801983
Billy Taylor3019691971
John Maulbetsch30[9]19141916
Butch Woolfolk2919781981
Gordon Bell2819731975
Rob Lytle2619731976
Ed Shuttlesworth2619711973
Jamie Morris2519841987
Harlan Huckleby2519751978
Ron Johnson2519661968
Top 20 single-season
Name TDs Year
Albert Herrnstein261902
Willie Heston211904
Willie Heston201901
Ron Johnson191968
Neil Snow191901
Chris Perry182003
Anthony Thomas182000
Anthony Thomas171999
Denard Robinson162011
Willie Heston161903
Anthony Thomas151998
Mike Hart142006
Jamie Morris141987
Chris Perry142002
Rob Lytle141976
Mike Hart142007
Denard Robinson142010
Gordon Bell131975
Billy Taylor131971
Tyrone Wheatley131993
Butch Woolfolk131979
Tyrone Wheatley131992
Top 20 (plus ties) single-game
Name TDs Year Opponent
Albert Herrnstein71902Mich. Agr.
Albert Herrnstein61901Beloit
Willie Heston61904Kalamazoo
Sam Davison61908Kentucky
Joe Curtis51904West Virginia
Herb Graver51903Ohio State
Harry Hammond51904Kalamazoo
Tom Hammond51903Albion
Albert Herrnstein51901Buffalo
Albert Herrnstein51902Ohio State
Willie Heston51903Beloit
Ron Johnson51968Wisconsin
Paul Magoffin5[10]1907Mich. Agr.
Fred Norcross51904West Virginia
Neil Snow51901Stanford



Top 20 career
Name Rec. Start End
Braylon Edwards25220012004
Marquise Walker17619982001
Jason Avant16920022005
Anthony Carter16119791982
Steve Breaston15620032006
Roy Roundtree15420092012
David Terrell15219982000
Tai Streets14419951998
Amani Toomer14319921995
Mario Manningham13720052007
Desmond Howard13419891991
Jack Clancy13219631966
Derrick Alexander12519891993
Mercury Hayes12419921995
Jim Mandich11819671969
Greg McMurtry11119861989
Greg Mathews11020062009
Adrian Arrington10920042007
Jamie Morris9919841987
Jerame Tuman9819951998
Top 20 single-season
Name Rec. Year
Braylon Edwards972004
Marquise Walker862001
Braylon Edwards852003
Jason Avant822005
Jack Clancy761966
Roy Roundtree722010
Mario Manningham722007
David Terrell711999
David Terrell672000
Braylon Edwards672002
Tai Streets671998
Adrian Arrington672007
Desmond Howard631990
Desmond Howard621991
Steve Breaston582006
Amani Toomer541994
Bennie Joppru532002
Jack Clancy521965
Anthony Carter511980
Jim Mandich511969
Top 20 single-game
Name Rec. Year Opponent
Marquise Walker152001Ohio State
Marquise Walker152001Washington
Braylon Edwards132003Oregon
Brad Myers121958Ohio State
Tai Streets121996Northwestern
Braylon Edwards122004Notre Dame
Jack Clancy111966Illinois
Chris Perry112003Minnesota
Braylon Edwards112004Michigan State
Braylon Edwards112004Ohio State
Jack Clancy101966Oregon State
Jack Clancy101966Minnesota
John Gabler101967Indiana
Jim Mandich101969Purdue
David Terrell101999Michigan State
David Terrell101999Alabama
Braylon Edwards102002Ohio State
Braylon Edwards102003Southern California
Braylon Edwards102004Minnesota
Braylon Edwards102004Texas
Jason Avant102005Michigan State
Mario Manningham102007Northwestern
Roy Roundtree102009Purdue

<span id="RecYard" />YardsEdit

Receiving Yards[2]
Top 20 career
Name Yards Start End
Braylon Edwards354120012004
Anthony Carter307619791982
Amani Toomer265719921995
David Terrell231719982000
Mario Manningham231020052007
Roy Roundtree230420092012
Tai Streets228419951998
Marquise Walker226919982001
Jason Avant224720022005
Greg McMurtry216319861989
Desmond Howard214619891991
Mercury Hayes214419921995
Derrick Alexander197719891993
Jack Clancy191719631966
Steve Breaston169620032006
Jim Smith168719731976
Junior Hemingway163820072011
Vince Bean150919811984
Marcus Knight150819961999
Jim Mandich148919671969
Top 20 single-season
Name Yards Year
Braylon Edwards13302004
Mario Manningham11742007
Marquise Walker11432001
Braylon Edwards11382003
David Terrell11302000
Amani Toomer10961994
Jack Clancy10771966
David Terrell10381999
Braylon Edwards10352002
Tai Streets10351998
Desmond Howard10251990
Jason Avant10072005
Desmond Howard9851991
Anthony Carter9521981
Roy Roundtree9352010
Mercury Hayes9231995
Adrian Arrington8822007
Anthony Carter8441982
Jeremy Gallon8292012
Anthony Carter8181980
Top 20 single-game
Name Yards Year Opponent
Roy Roundtree2462010Illinois
Jack Clancy1971966Oregon State
Tai Streets1921998Minnesota
Braylon Edwards1892004Michigan State
Derrick Alexander1881993Illinois
Jim Smith1841975Purdue
Jack Clancy1791966Illinois
Amani Toomer1791994Boston College
Mercury Hayes1791995Virginia
Paul Staroba1781970Wisconsin
Amani Toomer1771995Minnesota
Jason Avant1752003Iowa
Braylon Edwards1722004Ohio State
Tom Maentz1691955Iowa
Desmond Howard1671990Mississippi
Jack Clancy1661966Minnesota
Lowell Perry1651951Indiana
Ken Higgins1651986Wisconsin
Greg McMurtry1651989Minnesota
Braylon Edwards1652004Indiana
Junior Hemingway1652011Notre Dame

<span id="ReTouch" />TouchdownsEdit

Receiving touchdowns[2]
Top 20 (plus ties) career
Name TDs Start End
Braylon Edwards3920012004
Anthony Carter3719791982
Desmond Howard3219891991
Mario Manningham2720052007
David Terrell2319982000
Derrick Alexander2219891993
Tai Streets1919951998
Amani Toomer1819921995
Marquise Walker1719982001
Adrian Arrington1620042007
Greg McMurtry1519861989
Roy Roundtree1520092012
Jim Smith1419731976
Jason Avant1320022005
Jerame Tuman1319951998
John Kolesar1219851988
Mercury Hayes1219921995
Ralph Clayton1119761979
Junior Hemingway1120072011
Jack Clancy1019631966
Steve Breaston1020032006
Eric Kattus1019821985
Doug Marsh1019771979
Top 20 (plus ties) single-season
Name TDs Year
Desmond Howard191991
Braylon Edwards152004
Braylon Edwards142003
Anthony Carter141980
David Terrell142000
Mario Manningham122007
Tai Streets111998
Marquise Walker112001
Desmond Howard111990
Derrick Alexander111992
Braylon Edwards102002
Mario Manningham92006
Adrian Arrington82006
Adrian Arrington82007
Jason Avant82005
Eric Kattus81985
Ralph Clayton81978
Anthony Carter81981
Anthony Carter81982
Amani Toomer71995
Anthony Carter71979
Greg McMurtry71989
David Terrell71999
Roy Roundtree72010
Top 20 single-game
Name TDs Year Opponent
Derrick Alexander41992Minnesota
Ron Kramer31955Missouri
Greg McMurtry31989Minnesota
Desmond Howard31991Boston College
Desmond Howard31991Indiana
Derrick Alexander31992Northwestern
David Terrell31999Alabama
David Terrell32000Northwestern
Braylon Edwards32004Michigan State
Braylon Edwards32004Texas
Mario Manningham32006Notre Dame


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