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This is an incomplete list of first overall Canadian Football League draft picks. The CFL Draft is an annual sports draft in which the teams of the Canadian Football League (CFL) select eligible Canadian/non-import players, typically from the ranks of CIS football or NCAA college football. The first draft took place in 1953, with Doug McNichol becoming the first player to be drafted and was therefore drafted first overall.[1] While only the eastern teams participated for the first three years, in 1956 all nine teams began participating in the draft. From 1960 to 1962, however, due to a dispute over talent from western universities and a reluctance of eastern draftees to move west, BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg were awarded territorial rights to players from their city's university. Because Calgary had no university program in their territory, they continued to participate in the draft during these three years.[2] From 1973 to 1984, teams were granted territorial rights players before the actual draft took place, hence, players listed in those years were actually drafted later.[2] Since 1997, the draft has consisted of six rounds, with teams selecting in reverse order of their placement in the previous season.

List of first overall picks

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Year Player Position College CFL Team
1956 Lou Bruce End Queen's Ottawa Rough Riders
1957 Jim Hughes Tackle Queen's BC Lions
1958 Len Sigurdson Tackle McGill Saskatchewan Roughriders
1959 Lorry Stacey Defensive End Toronto Toronto Argonauts
1960 Bill Mitchell Tackle Western Ontario Toronto Argonauts
1961 Casey Wood Tackle Toronto Toronto Argonauts
1962 Harvey Scott Guard Western Ontario Calgary Stampeders
1963 John Wydareny Defensive back Western Ontario Toronto Argonauts
1964 Barry Mitchelson End Western Ontario Edmonton Eskimos
1965 Jim Young Wide Receiver Queen's Toronto Argonauts
1966 Ed Turek Halfback Waterloo Lutheran Edmonton Eskimos
1967 Lawrence Barrett Halfback British Columbia Toronto Argonauts
1968 Mike Eben Wide Receiver Toronto BC Lions
1969 Doug Strong Halfback Waterloo Lutheran Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1970 Wayne Holm Quarterback Simon Fraser Calgary Stampeders
1971 Brian Donnelly Defensive back Simon Fraser Saskatchewan Roughriders
1972 Larry Smith Running back Bishop's Montreal Alouettes
1973 Brian Sopatyk Offensive Guard Boise State BC Lions
1974 Randy Halsall Offensive Tackle Wake Forest Toronto Argonauts
1975 Steve Scully Offensive Tackle Syracuse Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1976 Tim Berryman Linebacker Ottawa Edmonton Eskimos
1977 Mike Riley Defensive Tackle Dalhousie Ottawa Rough Riders
1978 Dave Kirzinger Defensive Tackle Ottawa Calgary Stampeders
1979 Kevin Powell Offensive Tackle Utah State Toronto Argonauts
1980 Greg Barrow Offensive Lineman Florida Toronto Argonauts
1981 Frank Cosec Linebacker Waterloo Calgary Stampeders
1982 Mike Kirkley Running Back Western Ontario Toronto Argonauts
1983 Jerry Dobrovolny Offensive Tackle British Columbia Calgary Stampeders
1984 Frank Balkovec Linebacker Toronto BC Lions
1985 Nicholas Benjamin Offensive Lineman Concordia Ottawa Rough Riders
1986 Kent Warnock Defensive End Calgary Calgary Stampeders
1987 Leo Groenewegen Offensive Lineman British Columbia Ottawa Rough Riders
1988 Orville Lee Running Back Simon Fraser Ottawa Rough Riders
1989 Gerald Wilcox Tight End Weber State Ottawa Rough Riders
1990 Sean Millington Running Back Simon Fraser Edmonton Eskimos
1991 Nick Mazzoli Wide Receiver Simon Fraser Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1992 Bruce Covernton Offensive Tackle Weber State Calgary Stampeders
1993 Patrick Burke Defensive Back Fresno College BC Lions
1994 Val St. Germain Offensive Lineman McGill Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1995 Tom Nütten Offensive Lineman Western Michigan Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1996 Don Blair Slotback Calgary Edmonton Eskimos
1997 Chad Folk Offensive Lineman Utah Toronto Argonauts
1998 Tim Fleiszer Defensive Lineman Harvard Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1999 Rob Meier Defensive End Washington State BC Lions
2000 Tyson St. James Linebacker British Columbia Saskatchewan Roughriders
2001 Scott Schultz Defensive Lineman North Dakota Saskatchewan Roughriders
2002 Alexandre Gauthier Offensive Lineman Laval Ottawa Renegades
2003 Steve Morley Offensive Lineman Saint Mary's Calgary Stampeders
2004 Wayne Smith Offensive Lineman Appalachian State Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2005 Miguel Robede Defensive End Laval Calgary Stampeders
2006 Adam Braidwood Defensive End Washington State Edmonton Eskimos
2007 Chris Bauman Wide Receiver Regina Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2008 Dylan Barker Defensive Back Saskatchewan Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2009 Simeon Rottier Offensive Lineman Alberta Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2010 Shomari Williams Linebacker Queen's Saskatchewan Roughriders
2011 Henoc Muamba Linebacker St. Francis Xavier Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2012 Ben Heenan Offensive Lineman Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Roughriders
2013 Linden Gaydosh Defensive Lineman Calgary Hamilton Tiger-Cats




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