The National Football League has held a player draft since 1936. Since 1936 there have been several franchises that have folded. This is a list of those franchises' first round draft picks.

Baltimore Colts (1950)Edit

Year Overall Player Position College
19502 Adrian Burk Quarterback Baylor

Boston YanksEdit

Year Overall Player Position College
19441 Angelo Bertelli BackNotre Dame
19454 Eddie Prokop Back Georgia Tech
19461 Frank Dancewicz Back Notre Dame
19473 Fritz Barzilauskas GuardYale
19485 Vaughn Mancha CenterAlabama

Brooklyn Dodgers/TigersEdit

Year Overall Player Position College
19364 Dick Crayne Back Iowa
19372 Ed Goddard Back Washington State
19383 Boyd Brumbaugh Back Duquesne
19395 Bob MacLeod Back Dartmouth
19404 Banks McFadden Back Clemson
19418 Dean McAdams Back Washington
19427 Bob Robertson Back Southern California
19434 Paul Governali Back Columbia
19443 Creighton Miller Back Notre Dame
19453 Joe Renfroe Back Tulane

Dallas TexansEdit

Year Overall Player Position College
19522 Les Richter Guard California

Pick was actually made by New York Yanks. Yanks picks given to Dallas.

New York Bulldogs/YanksEdit

Year Overall Player Position College
19493 Doak Walker Back SMU
1950NA NoneNANA
1951NA NoneNANA
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