Top 20 career
Name Yards Start End
Joe Theismann25,20619741985
Sonny Jurgensen22,58519641974
Sammy Baugh21,88619371952
Mark Rypien15,92819881993
Billy Kilmer12,35219711978
Gus Frerotte9,76919941998
Norm Snead8,30619611963
Eddie LeBaron8,06819521959
Jay Schroeder7,445198519787
Jason Campbell7,24220062008
Brad Johnson6,51019992000
Mark Brunell6,03320042006
Patrick Ramsey5,64920022005
Doug Williams4,35019861989
Trent Green3,44119971998
Frank Filchock3,26619381945
Ralph Guglielmi2,86419551960
Harry Gilmer2,85019481954
Heath Shuler2,40319941995
Tony Banks2,38620012001
Top 20 single-season
Name Yards Year
Jay Schroeder4,1091986
Brad Johnson4,0051999
Mark Rypien3,7681989
Sonny Jurgensen3,7471967
Joe Theismann3,7141983
Jason Campbell3,6182009
Joe Theismann3,5681981
Mark Rypien3,5641991
Gus Frerotte3,4531996
Trent Green3,4411998
Joe Theismann3,3911984
Mark Rypien3,2821992
Jason Campbell3,2452008
Sonny Jurgensen3,2091966
Sonny Jurgensen3,1021969
Mark Brunell3,0502005
Norm Snead3,0431963
Joe Theismann2,9621980
Sammy Baugh2,9381947
Sonny Jurgensen2,9341964
Norm Snead2,9261962
Joe Theismann2,7971979
Top 3 single-game
Name Yards Year Opponent
Brad Johnson4711999San Francisco 49ers
Sammy Baugh4461948Boston Yanks
Mark Rypien4421991Atlanta Falcons


Top 20 career
Name Completions Start End
Joe Theismann2,04419741985
Sonny Jurgensen1,83119641974
Sammy Baugh1,69319371952
Mark Rypien1,24419881993
Billy Kilmer95319711978
Gus Frerotte74419941998
Jason Campbell67520062008
Brad Johnson54419992000
Mark Brunell54220042006
Eddie LeBaron53919521959
Norm Snead53119611963
Jay Schroeder51719851987
Patrick Ramsey48020022005
Doug Williams34519861989
Trent Green27819971998
Frank Filchock22419381945
Ralph Guglielmi21519551960
Tony Banks19820012001
Heath Shuler18619941995
Harry Gilmer17819481954
Top 20 single-season
Name Completions Year
Brad Johnson3161999
Jason Campbell3152008
Joe Theismann2931981
Sonny Jurgensen2881967
Joe Theismann2831984
Mark Rypien2801989
Trent Green2781998
Joe Theismann2761983
Jay Schroeder2761986
Sonny Jurgensen2741969
Gus Frerotte2701996
Mark Rypien2691992
Joe Theismann2621980
Mark Brunell2622005
Sonny Jurgensen2541966
Jason Campbell2502007
Mark Rypien2491991
Joe Theismann2331979
Brad Johnson2282000
Doug Williams2131988


Top 20 career
Name TDs Start End
Sammy Baugh18719371952
Sonny Jurgensen17919641974
Joe Theismann16019741985
Billy Kilmer10319711978
Mark Rypien10119881993
Eddie LeBaron5919521959
Gus Frerotte4819941998
Norm Snead4619611963
Jay Schroeder3919851987
Mark Brunell3820042006
Brad Johnson3519992000
Jason Campbell3520062008
Patrick Ramsey3420022005
Frank Filchock3219381945
Doug Williams2719861989
Trent Green2319971998
Harry Gilmer1719481954
Ralph Guglielmi1719551960
Jack Scarbath1619531954
Al Dorow1619541956
Top 20 single-season (including ties)
Name TDs Year
Sonny Jurgensen311967
Joe Theismann291983
Mark Rypien281991
Sonny Jurgensen281966
Sammy Baugh251947
Sonny Jurgensen241964
Joe Theismann241984
Brad Johnson241999
Sammy Baugh231943
Sonny Jurgensen231970
Billy Kilmer231975
Mark Brunell232005
Trent Green231998
Sammy Baugh221948
Norm Snead221962
Sonny Jurgensen221969
Mark Rypien221989
Jay Schroeder221986
Joe Theismann201979
Billy Kilmer191972
Joe Theismann191981
Top 3 single-game
Name TDs Year Opponent
Sammy Baugh61943Brooklyn Dodgers
Sammy Baugh61947Chicago Cardinals
Mark Rypien61991Atlanta Falcons

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