Kick return yardsEdit

Kick return yards
Top 15 career total kick return yards
Name' Yards Start End
Brian Mitchell9,58619901999
Rock Cartwright4,46420022008
Mike Nelms4,12819801984
Dick James3,94919561963
Rickie Harris2,32619651970
Eddie Saenz2,19119461951
Ladell Betts2,03320022007
James Thrash1,88619982007
Larry Jones1,81619741977
Eddie Brown1,59019751977
Ken Jenkins1,57219851986
Herb Mul-Key1,50519721974
Chad Morton1,38720032004
Speedy Duncan1,15319711974
Michael Bates1,15020012001
Top 15 single-season kick return yards
Name Yards Year
Rock Cartwright1,5412006
Brian Mitchell1,4781994
Brian Mitchell1,4081995
Rock Cartwright1,3392007
Brian Mitchell1,3371998
Rock Cartwright1,3072008
Brian Mitchell1,2581996
Michael Bates1,1502001
Mike Nelms1,0991981
Brian Mitchell1,0941997
Larry Jones1,0861975
Chad Morton1,0292003
Ken Jenkins1,0181985
Herb Mul-Key1,0111973
James Thrash1,0002000

Yards per returnEdit

Yards per return
Top 15 career yards per kick return (including only players with at least 10 returns)
Name Y/KR Start End
Alvin Haymond29.119621968
Bobby Mitchell28.519621968
Hall Haynes28.119501953
Herb Mul-Key27.919721974
Jim Kerr27.519611962
Andy Farkas27.319411944
Jim Steffen26.319611963
Harry Dowda26.219511951
Joe Scudero26.019541958
Dale Atkeson26.019541956
Tom Farmer25.819471948
Steve Bagarus25.819451948
Leroy Jackson25.719621963
Tony Green25.619781978
Dick James25.519561963
Top 15 career yards per punt return (including only players with at least 10 returns)
Name Y/PR Start End
Frank Filchock16.319411945
Derrick Shepard13.919871988
Bob Seymour13.819411944
Bert Zagers13.719551958
Dick Todd13.219411948
Frank Seno13.019431949
Johnny Williams12.819521953
Eric Metcalf12.520012001
Champ Bailey12.120002002
Andy Farkas12.119411944
Jim Youel11.519461946
Dan Sandifer11.419481949
Steve Bagarus11.419451948
Darrell Green11.319831997
Brian Mitchell11.019901999

Return touchdownsEdit

Return touchdowns
Top 15 career kick return touchdowns (including ties)
Name TDs Start End
Eddie Saenz219461951
Bobby Mitchell219621968
Brian Mitchell219901999
Dan Sandifer119481989
James Thrash119982007
Herb Mul-Key119721974
Joe Johnson119891991
Chad Morton120032004
Dale Atkeson119541956
Antonio Brown120042005
Ray Hare119411943
Rock Cartwright120022008
Ladell Betts120022007
John Love119671967
Andy Farkas119411944
Tony Green119781978
Larry Jones119741977
Joe Scudero119541958
Top 15 career punt return touchdowns (including ties)
Name TDs Start End
Brian Mitchell719901999
Bert Zagers319551958
Rickie Harris319651970
Johnny Williams219521953
Mike Nelms219801984
Ken Houston119741974
Eddie Brown119751977
Frank Filchock119411945
Bill Dudley119501953
Dick Todd119411948
Joe Scudero119541958
Jacquez Green120022002
Andy Farkas119411944
Desmond Howard119921993
Larry Jones119741977
Eric Metcalf120012001
Antwaan Randle El120062008
Tony Green119781978

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