The Washburn Ichabods football team, representing Washburn University, has had 5 players selected in the National Football League (NFL) since the league began holding drafts in 1936).[1] This includes two players selected in the last decade. The New York Giants lead all NFL teams by drafting three Ichabods.

Each NFL franchise seeks to add new players through the annual NFL Draft. The draft rules were last updated in 2009. The team with the worst record from the previous year picks first, the next-worst team second, and so on. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record with any remaining ties broken by strength of schedule. Playoff participants are sequenced after non-playoff teams, based on their round of elimination (wild card, division, conference, and Super Bowl).


B Back K Kicker NT Nose tackle
C Center LB Linebacker BB Blocking back
DB Defensive back P Punter HB Halfback
DE Defensive end QB Quarterback WR Wide receiver
DT Defensive tackle RB Running back G Guard
E End OT Offensive tackle TE Tight end
FB Fullback
* Selected to a Pro Bowl
Won a NFL championship
Selected to a Pro Bowl and won a NFL championship

Players selectedEdit

Year Round Pick Player name Position NFL team Notes
1944 17 169 Schnieder, EdEd Schnieder T New York Giants &10000000000000000000000
1954 25 292 Baker, BillBill Baker HB New York Giants &10000000000000000000000
1988 7 170 Stedman, TroyTroy Stedman LB Kansas City Chiefs &10000000000000000000000
2007 6 185 Lewis, TreyTrey Lewis DT Atlanta Falcons &10000000000000000000000
2008 7 229 Williams, CaryCary Williams CB Tennessee Titans &10000000000000000000000
2019 6 180 Ballentine, CoreyCorey Ballentine CB New York Giants &10000000000000000000000


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