St Pete Times Forum At Sunset

St. Pete Times Forum is the current home of the Storm since 1997.

The Tampa Bay Storm is a professional arena football franchise of the Arena Football League (AFL) based in Tampa, Florida. The franchise was originally known as the Pittsburgh Gladiators, and was one of the founding members of the AFL in 1987.[1] The Storm is the oldest team in AFL, since the other original teams, Chicago Bruisers, Denver Dynamite, and Washington Commandos, have all folded. They are the last of the original four franchises to have operated in continuous existence from the formation of the league until the present. The Gladiators participated in ArenaBowl I and ArenaBowl III, losing both games. The franchise moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Tampa, Florida in 1991, and changed its name to the Tampa Bay Storm.[1]

In Tampa, the Storm won ArenaBowl V, ArenaBowl VII, ArenaBowl IX, ArenaBowl X, and ArenaBowl XVII.[2] They also played in and lost ArenaBowl XII.[2] In their 22-year history (through the 2008 season), they have an overall regular season record of 181 wins, and 99 losses.[3][4] They have made 20 postseason appearances, and have an overall postseason record of 21 wins and 13 losses.[3][4] The Storm ended the 2006 season with a 7–9 record (4th in their Division), ending a 19-year streak of playoff appearances, the longest in AFL.[4] Since 1997, the team has played its home games in the St. Pete Times Forum (previously the Ice Palace) which is located in Tampa.[5]

In 2009, the AFL announced it had suspended operations indefinitely, and canceled the 2009 season. On December 10, 2009, the Storm announced that they would be back for the 2010 season when the league relaunched. In 2010, the team was also moved to the American Conference's South division.

  • Note: The Finish, Wins, and Losses columns list regular season results and exclude any postseason play. This list documents the season–by–season records of the Storm's franchise from 1987 to present, including postseason records, and league awards for individual players or head coaches.
ArenaBowl Champions ArenaBowl Appearance Division Champions Playoff Berth
Season League Conference Division Regular season Postseason results Awards
Finish Wins Losses
Pittsburgh Gladiators
1987 AFL 1st 4 2 Lost ArenaBowl I (Denver) 16–45 Billy Stone (Most Valuable Player)
1988 AFL 3rd* 6 6 Lost Semifinals (Detroit) 25–34
1989 AFL 2nd* 3 1 Won Semifinals (Denver) 39–37
Lost ArenaBowl III (Detroit) 26–39
1990 AFL 4th 3 5 Lost Semifinals (Detroit) 30–61 Thomas Monroe (Ironman of the Year)
Tampa Bay Storm
1991 AFL 3rd 8 2 Won Semifinals (Denver) 40–13
Won ArenaBowl V (Detroit) 48–42
Fran Curci (Coach of the Year)
1992 AFL Southern 2nd 9 1 Won Quarterfinals (Cincinnati) 41–36
Lost Semifinals (Orlando) 21–24
Jay Gruden (Most Valuable Player)
1993 AFL National 2nd 9 3 Won Quarterfinals (Albany) 48–34
Won Semifinals (Orlando) 55–52
Won ArenaBowl VII (Detroit) 51–31
Bob Gries (Commissioner's Award)
1994 AFL National 2nd 7 5 Lost Quarterfinals (Massachusetts) 51–58
1995 AFL National Southern 1st 10 2 Won Quarterfinals (Memphis) 53–41
Won Semifinals (Albany) 56–49
Won ArenaBowl IX (Orlando) 48–35
1996 AFL National Southern 1st 12 2 Won Quarterfinals (Anaheim) 30–16
Won Semifinals (Arizona) 55–54
Won ArenaBowl X (Iowa) 42–38
Kent Wells (Lineman of the Year)
1997 AFL National Southern 2nd 8 6 Won Quarterfinals (Nashville) 52–49
Lost Semifinals (Arizona) 46–49
Tracey Perkins (Defensive Player of the Year)
1998 AFL National Southern 1st 12 2 Won Quarterfinals (San Jose) 65–46
Won Semifinals (New Jersey) 49–23
Lost ArenaBowl XII (Orlando) 31–62
Johnnie Harris (Defensive Player of the Year)
Tim Marcum (Coach of the Year)
1999 AFL National Southern 1st 11 3 Lost Quarterfinals (Orlando) 19–41 Charles Wilson (Rookie of the Year)
2000 AFL National Southern 3rd 8 6 Won Wild Card Round (Milwaukee) 72–64
Lost Quarterfinals (Orlando) 24–34
2001 AFL National Southern 2nd 10 4 Lost Quarterfinals (Indiana) 31–68 Tim Marcum (Founder's Award)
2002 AFL National Southern 3rd 6 8 Won Wild Card Round (Los Angeles) 66–41
Lost Quarterfinals (San Jose) 48–55
2003 AFL National Southern 1st 12 4 Won Quarterfinals (Detroit) 52–48
Won Semifinals (Orlando) 60–50
Won ArenaBowl XVII (Arizona) 43–29
2004 AFL National Southern 3rd 9 7 Lost Conference Semifinals (San Jose) 52–56
2005 AFL National Southern 3rd 10 6 Lost Conference Semifinals (Georgia) 46–62
2006 AFL National Southern 3rd 7 9
2007 AFL National Southern 3rd 9 7 Lost Wild Card (Columbus) 55–56 Brett Dietz (Rookie of the Year)
2008 AFL National Southern 3rd 8 8
2009 The league suspended operations for the 2009 AFL season.[6]
2010 AFL American South 2nd 11 5 Won Conference Semifinals (Tulsa) 68–38
Won Conference Championship (Orlando) 63–62
Lost ArenaBowl XXIII (Spokane) 57–69
Total 192 104 (includes only regular season)
23 16 (includes only the postseason)
215 120 (includes both regular season and postseason)


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