This is a list of known American football players who have played for the Syracuse Pros of the National Football League in 1921. It includes players that have played at least one match with the team.

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A[edit | edit source]

Doc Alexander, Lew Andreas

B[edit | edit source]

D[edit | edit source]

Eddie Delaney, Johnny Dooley, Roddy Dunn

F[edit | edit source]

Andy Friedman

H[edit | edit source]

Clarence Halloran

L[edit | edit source]

Chris Lehrer

M[edit | edit source]

Bob Martin, Frank Matteo

P[edit | edit source]

Mike Purdy

R[edit | edit source]

Billy Rafter, Tubby Rosecrans

S[edit | edit source]

Bill Smithson

T[edit | edit source]

Bryant Thompson, Leslie Travis

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