This is a list of Super Bowl commercials. The Super Bowl is known for its memorable commercials during the half-time break of each game. In fact, a 2010 Nielsen study reported that 51% of viewers prefer the commercials to the game itself.



Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Security Master Lock
A man attempts to break a Master Lock with a rifle. He fails, but does put a bullet hole in the lock.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Copy Xerox
A monk must make 500 handwritten scriptures for his boss. He obviously goes to Xerox, and delivers the scriptures. The boss looks to the heavens and says, "It's a miracle".


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Soft drink Coca Cola
"Hey Kid, Catch!"
A young kid tries to talk to "Mean" Joe Greene by the locker room after a game. Greene is his usual "mean" self until the kid insists Greene has his Coke. After Greene drinks the Coke, he "sweetens" up and offers the kid his jersey, saying, "Hey, Kid...Catch."



Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Camera Polaroid
"Now with a Flash"
A couple walks in a park. The man shows that now you can have a flash on your Polaroid Camera, showing brighter photos.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Computer RadioShack
"Color Computer"
A commercial for the TRS-20 Computer.
Restaurant McDonald's
Two kids are playing hopscotch while singing the McDonald's menu. Soon, the whole neighborhood joins in.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Computer Apple Inc.
In what some call the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time, an Olympian runs to save a race of hypnotized humans from their computer overload. Being chased by police, the Olympian throws a hammer at the screen overlord and a beacon of light shines, to the amazement of the followers. The caption reads, "On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984".
Director: Ridley Scott. Cast: Anya Major, David Graham.



Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Restaurant McDonald's
Michael Jordan and Larry Bird play an outrageous game of H-O-R-S-E. The prize: A Big Mac.
Footwear Nike
"Hare Jordan"
Marvin the Martian takes all the Air Jordans on earth and challenges Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny to a game of basketball with the fate of the earth at stake. This commercial would serve as inspiration for the movie Space Jam.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Car Nissan
With homage to Top Gun, pigeons attempt to poop on a Nissan, but the car is too fast for them.
Food Eggo
As an Eggo waffle pops out of a toaster, a family rushes over to grab it, but it disappears. In an instant replay, it's revealed their grandmother somersaulted through the air and finished eating it before they got to the toaster.
Food Lays
"Nuzzle and Nibble"
At a fancy restaurant, Miss Piggy falls in love with a charming man. But when the man wants to eat her Baked Lays, she karate chops him through the wall.
Food Lays
People are celebrating the new flavors of Baked Lays. When Miss Piggy has the door closed on her, she disrupts the party by kicking down the door.
Cast: Richard Lewis.
Soft drink Pepsi
"Darth Vader"
While watching Star Wars, a little kid is sucking on the straw of his Pepsi too loud, so Darth Vader uses the force to crush his Pepsi. An usher stands up for the kid, and soon has a giant lightsaber battle with Vader.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
"Chicken Pool"
A man challenges a pool player with his chicken. The chicken wins the game by shooting eggs.
Beer Bud Light
A man is bored while his wife is clothes shopping. He hears a voice in one of the clothing racks, and finds four of his buddies watching the game.
Cast: Sean Hayes.
Beer Budweiser
"Master Plan"
In a six-part commercial story, Louie the Lizard tries to kill off the Budweiser Frogs. It goes like this:
1. Louie tells the frogs to enjoy the first half, because they may not be around for the second.
2. Louie denies rumors from Frank that he's going to kill the Frogs.
3. The Ferret, Louie's accomplice, drops the Budweiser sign into the swamp, electrocuting the frogs.
4. Louie says it's the best day of his life, until he sees that the Frogs have survived.
5. Louie rants to the Ferret that he screwed up the job.
6. Louie apologizes for trying to kill the Frogs, saying it was purely for entertainment reasons.
Car Pontiac
"ACME Pontiac"
In a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon, Wile E. Coyote uses a Widetrack Grand Prix to try and catch the Road Runner. Coyote is almost successful, until the cartoon ends before he can catch the Road Runner.
Computer Intel
In the Intel Lab where everyone wears radiation suits, the detective (in a suit) finds a processor missing. It's either Jimmy the Wire or Susie the Mouse. People voted in the internet poll "Whodunit?". At the fourth quarter, the suspect was announced.
Credit card Visa
A little girl talks about how she would want a pet elephant. In sweet music, the girl talks about her adventures with the elephant. She instead gets a plush elephant with Visa Debit. The commercial ends with her dreaming of a pet zebra.
Film Armageddon TV promo.
Film Lost in Space TV promo.
Film The Mask of Zorro TV promo.
Food Doritos
Two men are at the Laundromat when they see the beautiful Doritos woman. They try to impress her by tossing Doritos 3Ds into the air. The woman then tosses the 3Ds into a washing machine and resumes to be better and eating the new Doritos. The man on the left then says, "Ay chihuahua!"
Cast: Ali Landry, Sean Hayes
Food Hormel
"Bold Innovations"
What appears to be a commercial for a car turns out to be a commercial for Hormel Chili.
Food Tabasco Sauce
A man is constantly putting Tabasco sauce on his pizza. When a mosquito bites him on the leg, he does not mind. Because when the mosquito flies off, it explodes. The advert would air as a cinema advert in the UK on late March/early April 2008.
Mail FedEx
"We Apologize"
A colored "Please Stand By" test bar is on the screen. A message scrolls across the screen: "We apologize. You should be watching the new ad from EarthCo Insurance. It starred those lifeguards from Baywatch and a chorus line of singing kangaroos. We even got Garth Brooks to do the music. It was very humorous. Unfortunately, a tape of the commercial didn't get to NBC on time. Imagine, $1.3 million is going down the tubes all because some boob at our ad agency didn't send the commercial with FedEx. (Had they used FedEx, they would still be our ad agency.)"
Restaurant Pizza Hut
Five guys are hanging out. One says hat Elvis is back, while one jokes that he's dancing over at Pizza hut. We cut to Pizza hut to find his rumor true, as he's come back from the dead for their new Edge Pizza.
Shoes Hilfiger
"Have Some Fun"
A fancy woman agent is representing Michael Richards as the Hilfiger spokesman. We see Richards losing at basketball when he hits his head.
Soft drink Pepsi
"Generation Next"
A CGI fly sucks on a drop of Pepsi. He then grows lips and a mouth, and proceeds to sing Slayer's "Reign in Blood", but is later crushed by a Pepsi can.
Soft drink Pepsi
A man does aerial tricks with a goose, and they share a Pepsi afterward.
Sports NFL
A kid named Anthony is said to play in the NFL.
Tire Michelin
A man goes up to his car and drills a hole in one of his tires. Since it's a Michelin tire, it still won't go flat.
Website Autobytel
While buying amazing car deals online, a woman is sucked into her computer to retrieve her new car.


Product type Product / Title Plot / Notes
Beer Bud Light
"Paper or Plastic"
Two guys are trying to pay for their items, but they do not have enough. They get rid of some items, and are left with toilet paper and Bud Light, but it is not enough. Choosing between the two, they choose Bud Light.
Beer Budweiser
At a firehouse, two Dalmatian puppies roll around in a basket. The puppy with the blue collar is picked as the fire dog, in which[clarification needed] it sticks its tongue at his brother with a red collar. Two years pass, and the red-collared puppy is seen by the fire dog to be in a Budweiser chariot driven by Clydesdales. The dalmatian then sticks his tongue out at his estranged brother.
Beer Budweiser
Louie the Lizard apologizes for last year's commercial (see 1998). When the Budweiser Frogs (mainly "Bud" and "Ser") turn out to be able to talk, "Bud" and "Ser" slap Louie with their tongues.
Beer Budweiser
A lobster about to be cooked in a restaurant grabs a Budweiser and holds it hostage. Freaking out the restaurant, it leaves with the Budweiser.
Credit card Master Card
Characters from the Hanna-Barbera cartoons are shown what it costs for contact lenses, a treadmill, a Wonderbra, and a face lift. Being happy with yourself is priceless.
Computer Apple Inc.
In a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL flirts with Dave. He says that a bug caused computers to misbehave in the year 2000, since they could not recognize the year 2000. They say that Macintosh can recognize the year, and then asks, "You like your Macintosh better than me. Don't you, Dave?"
Film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me In a TV promo, they announce that the new film to see this summer is the new Star Wars film. The second is the next Austin Powers film.
Film The Corruptor TV promo.
Film Ed TV
Joint TV promo.
Film 8MM Two TV promos.
Film The Matrix TV promo.
Film Mulan
"Groundhog Day"
Advertising the release of the film on video on Groundhog Day, Mushu rises out of the hole instead of a groundhog, but he ultimately gets hit by a football.
Film The Mummy TV promo.
Film October Sky TV promo.
Film True Crime TV promo.
Film Wild Wild West TV promo.
Food Doritos
At a college classroom, students are in awe of their hot teacher. She eats Smoking Red Barbequed Doritos, which causes the sprinklers to go off. Luckily, the students bring umbrellas. But when they forget to use their umbrellas the second time she eats Doritos, the students bow down to her in the rain. The announcer then says, "Umbrellas not included".
Cast: Ali Landry.
Mail FedEx
"Stanley Cup"
An agent is supposed to deliver the Stanley Cup on the hockey rink in a crate. The package instead is bird seed. In Bolivia, villagers receive a crate with the Stanley Cup, and use it as a cup for grapes.
Restaurant Pizza Hut
"New Yorker"
Four different commercials are used to describe the new New Yorker pizza, two ads saying that New Yorkers have big mouths because of the big pizza:
1. Fran Drescher says how everything's big in New York.
2. Spike Lee constantly complains about things all over New York.
3. An announcer says that the pizza's so big it has three zip codes.
4. Donald Trump says that he has large things in New York, including his plans for the tallest skyscraper in New York and his name plastered all over the city.
Sports WWF
Famous wrestlers, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, discuss how not violent the WWF World Headquarters.[clarification needed] Wherever the wrestlers are walking around, everyone is beating up each other.
After aliens from another planet are able to get on their computer, they enjoy many things, like Caddyshack, Nintendo 64, and Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
Website A security nightwatchman at an unknown place is bored. He goes into until landing the perfect job: a security nightwatchman in a bigger building.
"When I Grow Up"
Kids talk about what they want to do when they grow up, including filing papers every day, being a yes man, and having a brown nose.



This year was known for its many commercials for websites, with 17 websites posing commercials. Many became defunct after the "dot-com Bowl."

Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
A man tries to hold the elevator by putting his arm in the door. The bad news is that he has a six-pack of bud Light in his hand, which the others in the elevator steal.
Beer Bud Light
A woman tells her boyfriend that her cat doesn't like anyone who takes her Bud Light. He ignores her by reaching for a Bud Light. That is, until the cat turns out to be a tiger.
Beer Budweiser
"Photo Shoot"
Louie and Frankie document a scandal which focuses on a 1979 summer photo shoot where the ferret posed nude.
Beer Budweiser
"Which Game?"
Three men are on the phone with a guy allegedly watching the game. Their question: "Wassup?"
Beer Budweiser
"Rex's Motivation"
A dog s not crying in a movie scene, so the director tells the dog to think back to his worst day. The dog's worst day was jumping over a hedge to chase a Budweiser truck, only to ram head first into the side of a lawn care truck. The dog then gives the howl of his life.
Candy M&M's
"Sexy Girl"
Men and women are all impressed by the green M&M.
Credit card Visa
The announcer decide to take a break from commercialization and focuses on the 2000 Olympic Games with female swimmers swimming. They then spelled out "VISA", and the announcer ends their break, and says that Visa is the official card of the Olympic Games.
Film Gladiator TV promo.
Film Titan A.E. TV promo.
Mail FedEx
"Combat Rangers"
Combat Rangers action figures are all wearing dresses. The toy makers found that the wrong shipping company got the wrong dresses in China.
Mail FedEx
"The Lollipop Guild"
While greeting Dorothy, the Lollipop Guild lose their high voices. A FedEx truck delivers three balloons to the group, they inhale the helium, and continue the greeting.
TV Oxygen
"Baby Girl Power"
At a maternity ward, a pink cap for a baby girl is found on the floor. Soon, all the babies take off their caps, signifying they should not be categorized.
"Mike and Mike"
To get opinions on, we watch interviews with the creators' mother, college buddy, nephew, and uncle.
Website EDS
"Cat Herders"
We take a look at the tough and drama-filled job of being a cat herder.
Director: John O'Hagan.
A man washes his hands and receives money for it. He sneezes and the same thing happens.
Website E*Trade
Two men and a monkey dance to "La Cucharacha". Then, the screen makes fun of the money being spent by websites on Super Bowl ads by saying: "Well, we just wasted two million bucks."
"The Worst Commercial"
On yellow paper in typing while "Chopsticks" is played on piano, a message says: "This is the worst commercial on the Super Bowl. But it might be the best thing you see tonight. Introducing We send highly personalized emails on topics you ask for. Free. No junk. How can we do all this with 7.5 million members? We're information experts (geeks). But we don't know diddly about making ads."
"Baby Please Don't Go"
When pets are left home, a hand puppet dog sings the Chicago song "Baby, Please Don't Go".


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Budweiser
"We Are Not Alone"
A dog is abducted by aliens. It is revealed that the dog is actually an alien in disguise. When the leader asks what he has learned, the alien quotes the Wassup line. It soon catches on with the alien, and an alien intelligence agency finally detects the race.
Beer Budweiser
"What Are You Doing?"
A commercial plays that shows sharply dressed men parodying the Wassup commercials with the line "What are you doing?" It is then revealed to be a commercial watched by the men from the Wassup commercials.
Film Exit Wounds TV promo.
Film The Fast and the Furious TV promo.
Film Hannibal TV promo.
Film A Knight's Tale TV promo.
Film The Mummy Returns TV promo.
Food George Foreman Grill
People dance to celebrate the five new colors the George Foreman Grill comes in.
Gaming PlayStation 2
A future commercial advertises the PS9.
Soft drink Pepsi
"The Best Pepsi Ad Ever"
The winner of the online poll for the best Pepsi commercial that aired during the Super Bowl is announced. The winning commercial is played: the 1992 Cindy Crawford commercial.
Soft drink Pepsi
"Bob Dole"
Bob Dole does a spoof on his erectile dysfunction commercials by using Pepsi as the product. Pepsi helps him feel young again, as he does a backflip.
Cast: Bob Dole, Eric Stonestreet.
Soft drink Pepsi
A man brings a full cup of Pepsi on a rollercoaster. Somehow, he manages to spill none of it on the ride. Later, an attractive woman asks him for the time, and he spills the Pepsi on his shirt.
Website E*Trade
"Ghost Town"
The chimp from last year's popular E*Trade commercial wanders ghost town. The businesses deserted are for and, all websites that bought commercial last year and went bankrupt because of the commercials. The chimp sheds a tear for the corpse of the sock puppet dog.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Budweiser
"Clydesdale Respect"
As a tribute to the victims of the September 11th attacks, Budweiser produced a one time only advertisement. The commercial shows the Budweiser Clydesdales walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into New York City. They then stopped, gazed at the ruined New York skyline, and bowed in reverence and respect. The commercial aired only once, but was available on the website for a period of one year.
Film Spider-Man TV promo, which gained popularity.
Food Lipton Brisk
"Puppet Strike"
A puppet version of Danny DeVito is fired, as the new Brisk is so good, it sells itself. This causes all the puppets from the Lipton Brisk commercials to go on strike.
Gaming Madden NFL 2002 TV promo.
Soft drink Pepsi
"Britney Spears Through Time"
Britney Spears promotes the Pepsi generation in the years 1958, 1963, 1966, 1970, 1989, and the present day.
Director: Joe Pytka; Cast: Britney Spears.
Website Yahoo!
A man is walking in the waters near an island when he meets a talking dolphin. The man says he found the island on Yahoo!. The dolphin then admits it learned to talk on Yahoo! as well.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Film Gods and Generals TV promo.
Film The Matrix Reloaded TV promo.
Film Tears of the Sun TV promo.
Film Cast Away TV promo.
Film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines TV promo.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Budweiser
A donkey narrates his life story, where he dreams of becoming a Budweiser Clydesdale. He trains and trains, even going to the trouble of putting puffy hooves on his feet. When his job interview comes, the five Clydesdale horses ask why he should become a Clydesdale. He responds with a donkey sound, and gets the job.
Potato chips Lay's
A teen drops a bag of Lay's chips. An elderly woman tries to get the chips, only to get knocked over by an elderly man's cane. The man grabs the bag, only to realize that the woman has his dentures. The teen comes back and takes the Lay's chips, and plants a kiss on the man.
Credit card Master Card
Homer Simpson is doing some errands such as buying beer instead of diapers, an oil change, and a haircut. Homer seems to know of the narrator's existence, finally being fed up with him at Moe's Bar, muttering the words "stupid voice-over guy".
Soft drink Pepsi
"Bear's Disguise"
When two grizzly bears rob a cottage, they find no Pepsi anywhere. One of the bears steals the resident's ID and disguises himself as the person. Then, he buys Pepsi at a convenience store.
Soft drink Pepsi
In Seattle, 1953, a young Jimi Hendrix walks down a city sidewalk. When he sees a Pepsi machine and Coke machine, he chooses the Pepsi machine. At the machine, he sees a Fender Telecaster electric guitar in a pawn shop. If he had gone to the Coke machine, he would have bought an accordion. The screen then says, "Whew...that was a lose one." In the background, Hendrix's "Purple Haze" is playing; at first as the original recording, then on accordion.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Budweiser
All kinds of animals come to the Budweiser Clydesdale farm to become a Clydesdale. A driver looks at the donkey from last year's Budweiser commercial and says, "Now look what you've done."
Beer Budweiser
"Welcome Home"
Pedestrians are in an airport, minding their own business. People start clapping. Then, everyone is clapping, as it is revealed they are clapping for soldiers coming home from war. At the end, a title card says, "Thank you."
Director: Joe Pytka.
Beer Heineken
"Beer Run"
Brad Pitt buys a six-pack of Heineken at a corner shop. Soon, he is being chased by a mob of paparazzi. It ends with an anonymous phone call.
Director: David Fincher
Car Ford
A tough biker gang is going to the bar, only to be scared off by Fords.
Soft drink Pepsi
"The Pepsi Truck"
P. Diddy is late for an awards show, so he hitches a ride on a Pepsi truck. After the arrival, everyone starts driving Pepsi trucks, being the next big thing.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
Three cavemen are trying to carry a cooler of Bud Light to a party. A friend says that he has invented the wheel. But the wheel is not working when they use it as hoister to carry the Bud Light.
Beer Budweiser
For the Budweiser Clydesdales this year, Hank the Clydesdale is not picked. A dalmatian sees this and offers to train Hank for next year. In a tribute to Rocky, the two train like the training in the famous movie. The year after that, Hank becomes a Budweiser Clydesdale and gives a high five to his trainer.
Car Audi
"The Godfather"
Spoofing The Godfather, the horse's head is replaced with the front of a Rolls-Royce.
Soft drink Coca-Cola
"It's Mine"
At the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Underdog and Stewie Griffin balloons chase after a Coke balloon, with New Yorkers watching from many places. But instead, Charlie Brown triumphantly catches the Coke.
Soft drink SoBe
Naomi Campbell and lizards do the famous Thriller dance.
Website E*Trade
The birth of the E*Trade baby, the baby explains that he can use E*Trade, you can use it too.
Website E*Trade
The E*Trade Baby has rented a clown with his savings.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
Conan O'Brien says he will do an embarrassing Bud Light commercial, and he is promised it will only show in Sweden. He watches it in Times Square.
Beer Bud Light
Two guys are at a ski resort. One guy shows how some skiers have more drinkability than others by drawing a ramp and some trees. The second skier crashes into the trees.
Beer Budweiser
A farmer plays fetch with his Dalmatian. A jealous Clydesdale goes and fetches a tree branch.
Beer Budweiser
"True Love"
A Clydesdale falls in love with a dancing circus horse. He searches for her, until they both escape together from the circus. Two clowns watch this, with one of them saying, "I didn't know Daisy was dating."
Beer Miller Lite
The Miller Lite guy screams, "Highlight!"
Car Audi
"The Chase"
Jason Statham is in a car chase, stealing different cars, ending up in different periods of time.
Film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra TV promo.
Film Land of the Lost TV promo.
Film Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D TV promo.
Film Star Trek TV promo.
Film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen TV promo.
Food Doritos
"Crystal Ball"
At the office, a worker ask if there will be free Doritos today. He then throws the crystal ball at a snack machine for Doritos, breaking the glass. An impressed worker asks if he will get a raise today, and throws the crystal ball at his boss in the groin. The first worker comes over, happily eating Doritos, and says, "Not today!"
Directors: Joseph and Dave Herbert (who won $1,000,000 for the ad)
Food Doritos
"The Power of Crunch"
A man learns the power of crunch with a woman stripped down to her underwear, free money from an ATM, and a policeman being turned into a monkey.
Manufacturing Bridgestone
"The Potato Heads"
Mr. Potato Head is being nagged by his wife while driving. Soon, dodging sheep, they swerve, and Mrs. Potato Head's mouth flies off down a mountain. Mrs. Potato Head then sticks on her "angry eyes".
Soft drink Pepsi
"Forever Young"
A look through two generations, all to the Bob Dylan song "Forever Young" and its cover by
Soft drink Pepsi
"I'm Good"
Many men drinking Pepsi Max get hurt, then say "I'm Good".
Soft drink Pepsi
MacGruber changes his name to PepSuber.
Cast: Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Richard Dean Anderson
Restaurant Denny's
Three mobsters are thinking about killing a guy, and they ask the waitress for more chocolate dumdiddles and swirly gumdrops on their pancakes. Part of the 'Serious Breakfast' campaign.
Website E*Trade
"Singing Baby"
A web baby tries to express himself by singing.



Product type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
"Beer House"
Several people meet a man whose house is made out of Bud Light cans. He says that some of the cans are not empty, and the people start to rush and take the house apart.
Beer Bud Light
When scientists see a meteor flying towards earth, they decide to party with Bud Light. The meteor turns out to be a rock, and they still party.
Beer Bud Light
"T-Pain Voice"
Men who hear about a Bud Light party talk like T-Pain. Soon, T-Pain shows up at the party.
Beer Budweiser
A Clydesdale and a calf are friends at a young age, though a fence separates them. Three years later, the two are reunited and the bull bursts through the fence to his friend.
Beer Budweiser
"Human Bridge"
When the bridge is out in a small town, the population form a human bridge so that a Budweiser truck can cross into town.
Candy Snickers
"Betty White"
Betty White is playing football and keeps getting tackled. A woman gives her a Snickers bar and says, "Try this". White turns back into a man. We[who?] then see Abe Vigoda being tackled. It is considered[by whom?] one of the best commercials in the Super Bowl. It was also nominated for an Emmy.[1]
Car Dodge Charger
"Woman Are Shrill"
Men go over the rules of life which they hate. The final man thinks, "And because I do this, I will drive the car I want to drive." Narrated by Michael C. Hall.
Car Hyundai
We see a Hyundai being made.
Car Hyundai
A parody of Brett Favre's anonymous retirement, showing him getting an MVP Award in 2020.
Car Kia Motors
"How You Like Me Now"
A teddy bear, a sock monkey, a robot, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba!, and another toy are all living their PG-13 dreams while driving a Kia Sorento.
Car Volkswagen
"Punch Dub Days"
The first of their Punch Dub Days campaign features many people, including Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan, punching someone in the arm.
Film The Back-Up Plan TV promo.
Film Iron Man 2 TV promo.
Film The Last Airbender TV promo.
Film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time TV promo.
Film Robin Hood TV promo.
Film Shutter Island TV promo.
Film The Wolfman TV promo.
Food Doritos
A man is seen staring at a woman's butt as she walks into the other room. He then tries to start a conversation with the girlfriend's kid. When he reaches for a Dorito, the kid slaps him, saying, "Keep your hands off my Mama, keep your hands off my Doritos."
Food Doritos
A dog wants Doritos from a man sitting on a bench. The man says it'll have to speak, but it is wearing an anti-bark collar. The dog comes back, and attaches the collar to the man, who lies on the ground, speaking gibberish. The dog walks away with the bag of Doritos.
Food Doritos
A man who recently faked his death is in his coffin, watching the Super Bowl and in a pool of Doritos. The casket flies open, and he screams, "It's a miracle!"
Food Doritos
At a gym, a man has stolen Doritos out of Tim's locker. His friend tries to warn him, but Tim transforms into a Dorito-wearing ninja.
Manufacturing Bridgestone
"Killer Whale"
Three men have a killer whale in their small van. They then release it into the sea. One guy says, "Best bachelor party ever!"
Mobile phone Boost Mobile
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Super Bowl Shuffle, the 1985 Chicago Bears do the Shuffle.
Restaurant McDonald's
"Check This"
In a remake of the 1993 Super Bowl commercial, NBA stars Dwight Howard and LeBron James play a slam dunk version of H-O-R-S-E. The prize: a Big Mac and fries. Larry Bird, who was in the original commercial, makes a cameo at the end.
Shoes Skechers
Three people, including Joe Montana, talk about how great Shape-Ups are.
Soft drink Coca-Cola
A sleepwalking man walks in a forest of Africa, eventually reaching a refrigerator with a Coke bottle.
Soft drink Coca-Cola
"The Simpsons"
Mr. Burns goes bankrupt and loses everything. While in a walk in the park, he sees people enjoying his things and Coke bottles. Apu notices that Burns is sad, and gives him a Coke since he was carrying two armfuls of Coke. Milhouse is standing in a makeshift kite and bumps into the Coca Cola logo. He says "Ah Sorry Coke!" while the theme tune plays.
TV show Late Show with David Letterman David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Leno are watching the Super Bowl.
TV show NFL Full Contact On Groundhog Day, the mayor pulls out a small football player who sees his shadow. The mayor declares six more weeks of football.
"Smart Kid #2"
A brand-new "Smart Kid" ad for
Website E*Trade
A date between two web babies goes awry.
Website Focus on the
"Miracle Baby"
Pam Tebow talks about her miracle baby Tim Tebow. This ad drew much criticism from pro-choice[clarification needed] groups.
Website GoDaddy
Danica Patrick gets a massage. The massage therapist realizes that she's the GoDaddy spokeswoman. Then he then tries to impress Danica by opening her blouse.
Website Google
An anonymous user (most likely a man) is using Google for help by using its search engine. Over the course, it tells a story about how the user goes to Paris for college, meets a French woman, falls in love, buys her chocolate, gets married, and has a child.
"Talented Beaver"
A beaver that plays the fiddle becomes a big hit.


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
"Hack Job"
A couple appears on a home makeover show called "Hack Job", discovering the only thing they done to their kitchen was put a bucket of Bud Light on the counter.
Car Audi
"Old Luxury"
Two people escape from a fancy prison.
Cameos: Kenny G
Car Chevrolet
"Elderly Home"
People in an elderly home try to figure out a Chevy commercial.
Car Chevrolet
"Miss Evelyn"
Two guys narrate their idea for a Chevy Camaro commercial.
Car Chrysler
A narrator talks about how Detroit has its history, but it should be respected like any other town. Rapper Eminem is driving through Detroit in his Chrysler, until he reaches the Fox Theatre. He concludes that, "This is the Motor City, and this is what we do." The song "Lose Yourself" by said artist is playing throughout the commercial. The commercial is two minutes long, and one of the longest commercials in Super Bowl history. The ad received critical acclaim.
Car Ford
Six people prepare to race in their Fords.
Car Volkswagen
"Black Beetle"
A computer-generated black beetle runs fast, as it is referencing the new Volkswagen model.
Car Volkswagen
"The Force"
A kid dressed as Darth Vader tries the Force on random objects, but fails. When his father comes home in his Volkswagen, the kid tries to use the Force to start the engine. He succeeds, or so he thinks. This was voted #9 on YouTube's Top 10 Videos of 2011.
Food Doritos
A man goes around the office with a creepy obsession for Doritos.
Food Doritos
A boyfriend teases his girlfriend's dog by waving Doritos around from the inside of a glass door. Instead of the dog running into the door, the dog crashes through the door, squishing the man.
Soft drink Pepsi
"Love Hurts"
A wife keeps putting down her husband's spirits. When the husband thinks his wife will be mad that he is drinking PepsiMax, she too is drinking PepsiMax. When the man then spots a hot jogger, the woman accidentally knocks out the woman with her can.
Store Best Buy
Ozzy Osbourne tries to shoot a Best Buy commercial for 4G phones, but the G keeps getting upgraded. Pretty soon, Osbourne is replaced by Justin Bieber.
Cast: Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Bieber, Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne


Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Beer Bud Light
A factory is working on the new Bud Light Platinum.
Beer Budweiser
"The End of Prohibition"
The reactions of a town at the end of Prohibition are shown
Beer Budweiser
"Eternal Optimism"
Various moments in 20th Century history are shown, all accompianed by people drinking Budweiser.
Candy M&M's
"Just My Shell"
At a party, a brown-shelled M&M is mistaken for being naked. As a result, the red M&M tears off its skin and dances to "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.
Car Audi
"Vampire Party"
A group of vampires are having a party in the woods. The vampire in charge of drinks (blood types) arrives in his Audi. The bright lights of the car kills all of the vampires, with him wondering where everyone went afterwards.
Car Chrysler
"Halftime in America"
Clint Eastwood recounts how the automotive industry survived the Great Recession.
Car Hyundai
Two men try to see which is faster: a cheetah or a Hyundai. Once the cheetah is released, it starts to instead chase after its cage handler.
Film Act of Valor TV promo.
Film The Avengers TV promo.
Film Battleship TV promo.
Film John Carter TV promo.
Film The Lorax TV promo.
Soft drink Pepsi
"The King's Court"
People in the Middles Ages try to entertain their king (Elton John) for a Pepsi. While the first person fails, a mysterious person (Season 1 X Factor winner Melanie Amaro) wins the Pepsi by singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect"." After she wins, she overthrows the king and gives Pepsi to all the town.
Cast: Elton John, Melanie Amaro, Flavor Flav
Store Best Buy
"Phone Innovators"
An ad featuring the creators of the cameraphone, Siri, and the first text message. The creators of Words with Friends also appear parodying the incident involving Alec Baldwin playing the game on an airplane.


Most commercials by brandEdit

Product Type Product/ Title Plot/ Notes
Car Audi
A guy getting ready for the prom. Drives his mom's Audi to the prom}
# Product Commercials Years
1. Budweiser 23 1998 (6), 1999 (3), 2000 (3), 2001 (2), 2002, 2004, 2005 (2), 2008, 2009 (2), 2010 (2)
2. Pepsi 15 1997, 1998 (2), 2001 (3), 2004 (2), 2005, 2009 (3), 2011, 2012
3. Bud Light 13 1998 (2), 1999, 2000 (2), 2001 (2), 2008, 2009 (2), 2010 (3), 2011, 2012
4. Universal Pictures 11 1999 (Ed TV/Life, The Mummy, October Sky), 2000 (Gladiator), 2001 (The Mummy Returns, Fast and the Furious), 2009 (Land of the Lost), 2010 (The Wolfman, Robin Hood), 2012 (Battleship, The Lorax)
5. Doritos 10 1998, 1999, 2009 (2), 2010 (4), 2011 (2) 2013 (2)
6. Paramount Pictures 7 2009 (Star Trek, Transformers 2, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra), 2010 (Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, Shutter Island), 2012 (Avengers)
7. E*Trade 6 2000, 2001, 2008 (2), 2009, 2010
8. Pizza Hut 5 1998, 1999 (4)
9. Audi 4 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
9. (tie) Coca-Cola 4 1979, 2008, 2010 (2)
9. (tie) Columbia Pictures 4 1999 (8MM), 2001 (Hannibal, A Knight's Tale), 2002 (Spider-Man)
9. (tie) FedEx 4 1998, 1999, 2000 (2)
9. (tie) Warner Bros. 4 1999 (The Matrix, True Crime, Wild Wild West), 2001 (Exit Wounds)
14. Disney 3 1999 (Mulan), 2010 (Prince of Persia), 2012 (John Carter)
14. (tie) Hyundai 3 2010 (2), 2012
14. (tie) Lay's 3 1997 (2), 2004
14. (tie) McDonald's 3 1982, 1993, 2010
14. (tie) New Line Cinema 3 1998 (Lost in Space), 1999 (The Corruptor, Austin Powers 2)
14. (tie) Volkswagen 3 2010, 2011 (2)
20. Apple Inc. 2 1984, 1999
20. (tie) Best Buy 2 2011, 2012
20. (tie) Bridgestone 2 2009, 2010
20. (tie) Ford 2 2005, 2011
20. (tie) Intel 2 1998 (2)
20. (tie) M&M's 2 2000, 2012
20. (tie) Master Card 2 1999, 2004
20. (tie) 2 1999, 2010
20. (tie) Visa 2 1998, 2000
29. 20th Century Fox 1 2000 (Titan A.E.)
- Autobytel 1 1998
- Boost Mobile 1 2010
- Lipton Brisk 1 2002
- 1 1999
- 1 2010
- CBS 1 2010
- CBS Films 1 2010 (The Back-Up Plan)
- Chevrolet 1 2011
- Chrysler 1 2011
- 1 2000
- Denny's 1 2009
- Dodge 1 2010
- Dreamworks 1 2009 (Monsters vs. Aliens)
- Electronic Arts 1 2002
- EDS 1 2000
- Eggo 1 1997
- Epidemic 1 2000
- Focus on the Family 1 2010
- George Foreman Grill 1 2001
- GoDaddy 1 2010
- Google 1 2010
- Heineken 1 2005
- Hilfiger 1 1998
- Hormel 1 1998
- 1 1999
- Kia Motors 1 2010
- 1 2000
- Master Lock 1 1975
- Michelin 1 1998
- Miller Lite 1 2009
- Nissan 1 1997
- NFL 1 1998
- Oxygen 1 2000
- 1 2000
- Polaroid 1 1981
- Pontiac 1 1998
- RadioShack 1 1982
- Skechers 1 2010
- Snickers 1 2010
- SoBe 1 2008
- Sony 1 2001
- Tabasco 1 1998
- Touchstone Pictures 1 1998 (Armageddon)
- TriStar Pictures 1 1998 (The Mask of Zorro)
- truTV 1 2010
- Xerox 1 1977
- WWF 1 1999
- Yahoo! 1 2002

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